Robert N. Giraldi

Acclaimed Director of TV Commercials. Pioneer and Director of groundbreaking music videos, including Michael Jackson: "Beat It;" Jackson & Paul McCartney: "Say, Say, Say;" Pat Benatar: "Love Is a Battlefield;" Lionel Richie: "Hello." Director: Second Guessing Grandma (2008); Hiding Out (1993); Dinner Rush (2000). Director of short films, The Routine (2001); Dream Begins (2002); Honey Trap (2005); A Peculiar City (2005); Grey Coat (2009). Art Director's Club Hall of Fame. Winner of numerous awards. Chair MPS Live Action Short Film
Agency: The Irv Schechter Co.
Agency Phone: (310)278-8070
Visual History
Giraldi Interview
Visual History Interview
Bob Giraldi discusses his career as a commercial, feature, music video, and dramatic short film director, directing commercials and music videos with such performers as Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. He also describes his working methods and philosophy, as well as his views on new technologies and on the importance of mentoring.