Christopher Nolan

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DGA Quarterly
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2019 DGA Theater
DGA Unveils New Theater
For the DGA's reimagined theater, directors Michael Mann, Christopher Nolan, Jon Favreau, Michael Apted, Betty Thomas and Shawn Levy ensured that new enhancements matched their vision.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2019 Motion Smoothing
Faced with TV technology that casts their films in a distorted light, DGA members attempt to influence a more faithful representation of their work.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 WWII Dunkirk Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan mixes formalism and spontaneity to create a 'you are there' experience with Dunkirk.
DGA Quarterly The Industry Christopher Nolan
The director rallied Hollywood to preserve the option to shoot on film. And it’s not just about the art—it makes good business sense.
DGA Quarterly Interview Director Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan prefers film to digital, shoots with one camera, and doesn’t believe in 3-D. The director who resurrected Batman, made time go backward in Memento, and deconstructed dreams in Inception speaks his mind.

DGA Quarterly Fall 2011
The dreamscape of Christopher Nolan's Inception was filled with odd angles and spinning rooms such as this one. Storyboards helped the director realize his vision for 500 visual effects shots.
Directors and DPs
When the collaboration between directors and DPs is clicking, there is almost a non-verbal communication. We checked in with a few longstanding teams to see what makes them work.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2008 Shot to Remember
Batman Begins
Christopher Nolan tried to shoot as much as he could the climatic chase in Batman Begins in camera. He explains how he did it.