Mira Nair

Fiction: 35mm: Monsoon Wedding (2001- 110 minutes); My Own Country (1998- 100 minutes); Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996- 112 minutes); The Perez Family (1995- 106 minutes); The Day the Mercedes Became a Hat (1993- 10 minutes); Mississippi Masala (1991- 113 minutes); Salaam Bombay! (1988- 113 minutes). Documentary: 16mm: The Laughing Club of India (2000- 36 minutes); Children of Desired Sex (1986- 30 minutes); India Cabaret (1985- 58 minutes); So Far From India (1983- 52 minutes); Jama Masjid Street Journal (1979- 18 minutes).
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DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2019 Visual History Archives
Visual History
According to directors Mira Nair, Milos Forman and Jim Sheridan, all of whom were interviewed for the DGA's Visual History program, landing the right actor is key to getting the best performance.
DGAQ Biopics Mira Nair
In magnifying their subjects, filmmakers also hold up a mirror to society.
DGA Quarterly Women's Movement 2014
Female Feature Film Directors
The numbers are appalling. In 2013, only nine percent of DGA features released in theaters were directed by women. To inspire, encourage, and hopefully promote change, we interviewed some of those who succeeded in getting their films made. Here are their stories.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2006 Independent Voice Mira Nair
Mira Nair
Indian-born Mira Nair has made a career out of directing colorful films about dislocated lives.