Barry L. Levinson

Writer/Director: Liberty Heights; Jimmy Hollywood; Toys; Avalon; Tin Men; Diner. Director: Sleepers; Bandits; Wag the Dog; Disclosure; Bugsy; Rain Man; Good Morning Vietnam; The Natural.
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Visual History
Barry Levinson Interview
Visual History Interview
Barry Levinson (Rain Man, The Natural, Diner) reflects on his first big break on the local Los Angeles comedy show, Lohman and Barkley, his early apprenticeship with Mel Brooks as a writer, and his working methods and philosophy, including the importance of improvisation on the set.
DGA Quarterly
DGA Quarterly Summer 2018 Collaborators Barry Levinson Ellen Chenoweth
Barry Levinson and Ellen Chenoweth
When it comes to casting, director Barry Levinson and casting professional Ellen Chenoweth rely on a combination of expertise and instinct.