John M. Glen

Director: 2000 Point Man; 1997 Drambuie Commercials; Lincoln Navigator Commercials; Space Precinct (1994-95); 1996 Airwalk Commercials; Christopher Columbus, The Discovery (1992); Aces; Iron Eagle III (1991); Checkered Flag (TV Pilot, 1990); License to Kill (1989); The Living Daylights (1987); A View to a Kill (1985); Octopussy (1983); For Your Eyes Only (1981). 2nd Unit Director: Moonraker; Spy Who Loved Me; The Wild Geese; Gold; Shout at the Devil; On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
Personal Business

John Glen Films, Ltd.
22 Hazel Grove
Kingwood, Near Henley-on-Thames
Oxon, England RG9 5NH
United Kingdom

Visual History
John Glen Interview
Visual History Interview
Director John Glen (For Your Eyes Only, A View to a Kill, The Living Daylights) discusses working his way through the studio system of Great Britain as an editor, second unit director and sound editor to directing five James Bond films—the most by any director.
DGA Quarterly
John Glen explains how he shot a plane flying through a hangar in the heart-pounding opening of Octopussy.
Directing James Bond
For 47 years and 22 films, James Bond has escaped countless close calls thanks to the deft hand of its directors. We caught up with the eight surviving filmmakers to find out how they've kept 007 alive all these years.