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Directors Guild Of America Writers Guild Of America Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy of Television Arts and Sciences



THE RED TENT Rebecca*Ferguson, Iain Glen, Morena Baccarin, Will Tudor, Minnie Driver.                                                                                                    Four hour mini-series. Sony/Lifetime. Filmed in Morocco. 2014.

BARABBAS Billy Zane Four hours. Co-production of ReelzChannel & RAI-UNO (Italy). Filmed in Tunisia. 2013


Episode: "Runyon Canyon" Alfred Molina, Terrence Howard. 

One hour. NBC.  Los Angeles.


Episode: "Pasadena"   Alfred Molina, Skeet Ulrich

One hour. NBC.   Los Angeles.

Air date: November 3, 2010


Episode: "Shotgun"   Elliott Gould, Sam Waterston, S. Epatha Merkerson, Jeremy Sisto,   Anthony Anderson,  Alana De La Garza,  Linus Roache

One hour.  NBC. 2009.  New York

Air date: November 20, 2009


Episode: "All New"

One hour episode.  NBC. 2009. New York City.

Aired May 6, 2009


Episode:  "Til Death Do Us Part One"   Kyra Sedgewick, JK Simmons, GW Bailey. 

One hour episode.  TNT.  2007.  Filmed in Hollywood

Aired September 3, 2007


Episode "Philippi".    Ray Stevenson, Kevin McKidd. 

One hour episode of series.  HBO.  2006.  Filmed in Rome, Italy.  Aired February 18, 2007


Paul Telfer, Timothy Dalton, Elizabeth Perkins, Sean Astin, Leelee Sobieski, Produced by Robert Halmi, Sr. and Robert Halmi, Jr., for Hallmark Entertainment and NBC.  Filmed in New Zealand.  Four hours.  Airdate; May 16, 2005 NBC.


Dean Cain, Dee Wallace, GW Bailey. 

Produced by Judith Verno, Rachel Verno, Diana Kerew and Diane Sokolow for USA network. 

"A hard-hitting docudrama about the killing of a beautiful and beloved Modesto, California woman, eight months pregnant when she disappeared." "Writer Dave Ericson, and director Roger Young exhibit intelligence and sensitivity." 

----Tom Shales, Washington Post

"This fact-based TV movie is surprisingly suspenseful."  -----TV Guide

"The intimate pin suffered by the victim's fris and family is searingly  re-d by some fine performers."  -----Newsday

" Is it riveting?  Bet on it." ----New York Post

"A fascinating and macabre melodrama."  ---- Houston Chronicle


Peter O'Toole, Charlotte Rampling,

Produced by: LUX, Vide of Italy in co-production with RAI Fiction; German television; French television and Spanish television, Four hours.  Filmed in Tunisia


Patrick Bergin, Giancarlo Giannini, Hardy Kruger, Jr., Stephania Rocca, Muriel Baumeister, Kai Weisinger Produced by LUX Vide of Italy for RAI and German television, Four hours

Filmed in Budapest


Johannes Brandrup, Barbara Bobulova, GW Bailey, Ennio Fantastichini, Franco Nero, Umberto Orsini, Mariacristina Heller.

Produced by LUX, Vide for RAI-TV and German Television, Four Hours

Filmed in Morocco



Rob Morrow, Randy Quaid, Paul Sorvino, GW Bailey Produced by Paramount and Helfgott-Turner for ShowTime, Two hours

Filmed in Toronto.  Executive Producer.  "Viewers who enjoy crime dramas should definitely appreciate this powerful two hours, the story of a journalist who uncovers police corruption. Ruthless doings lift the action quotient, and suspense factors high above the average as director Roger Young conducts the film with fine, terse action."    By Michael Farkash, Hollywood Reporter


Jeremy Sisto, Gary Oldman,  Debra Messing, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Jacqueline Bisset, GW Bailey.. CBS and a Co-Production with LUX Vide of Italy Four hours

Filmed in Morocco

"The single most moving film I have ever seen on the life of Christ, a golden, glowing work of tremous power and beauty. Really. So sensitively directed by Roger Young." -----Washington Post By Tom Shales

",,,,the best network miniseries in years. The direction by Roger Young, teleplay by Suzette Couture and performances by a strong an entertaining feast that you needn't be Christian to savor." -----Los Angeles Times By Howard Rosenberg

"CBS's new two-part movie about the life of Jesus is intriguing and strikingly original, a portrait of the clash between politics and spirituality, a mix of Biblical tradition and insistent humanizing."

-----New York Times By Anita Gates " This is a very different "JESUS" and from the perspective of drama, a very different Jesus. Taken together, the vibrant combination could well be the most emotionally genuine dramatization of this oft-told story every put on film."

----New York Daily News Director Roger Young gives the more familiar moments the force and freshness of revelations. We sense the spiritual power behind the miracles and feel Jesus' dread as the crucifixion nears.   

-----People Magazine

"Director Roger Young's take on "Jesus" is reverence lite, rooted solidly between the pious showmanship of "The Greatest Story Ever Told" and the interpretive and controversial "The Last Temptation of Christ." That said, "Jesus" is everything a sweeps event is meant to be… an entertaining, bigger-than-life story with marquee stars, sweeping locales, fancy costumes and elaborate sets."  

-----Variety "Shooting in Morocco and Malta, director Roger Young makes a reported $22 million production budget look grander still, nicely framing the action on sets impressively designed by Paolo Biagetti."  

----Hollywood Reporter


Julie Andrews, James Garner, Patricia Charbonneau CBS. Filmed in Montreal "CBS edged ahead in homes for the week when it wrapped the Thanksgiving week with its vidpic "One Special Night," the season's best homes rating for any movie on any net, and the Eye's highest-rated film in two years."

----Variety "The movie is winningly directed by Roger Young." ----New York Times, Ron Wertheimer "One Special Night" is bound to warm whatever hearts come near it." ----Tom Shales, Washington Post "Nancy Silvers and Roger Young deliver, as screenwriter and director. They get us to the clinch we need. And if there isn't a tear in our eye when we finally arrive, we should probably give up on ourselves."

----John Leonard, New York Magazine  


Whoopi Goldberg, Michael York Wonderful World of Disney, ABC Filmed in Budapest "Whoopi Goldberg and King Arthur: If you never thought the twain would meet, you may be surprised at what a pleasant twosome they make." ----USA Today

"Helmer Roger Young keeps the action focused and Goldberg in control" -----Variety

"Knight" is full of spectacle and drama, sorcery and skullduggery, quandaries and serious social issues.

----Washington Post  


William Petersen, Terrance Stamp, Sheryl Lee, Gary Cole Produced by MGM for ShowTime

Filmed in the Philippines

"Kiss the Sky" is a smart, sexy, sophisticated comedy-drama with provocative ideas, witty dialogue and droll performances by a first-rate . Roger Young's astute direction manages the screenplay's shifts of tone perfectly, and he gets maximum mileage from the talented ."    ----Hollywood Reporter


Ben Cross, Max Von Sydow, Vivica Fox, Anouk Amiee, David Suchet, G.W. Bailey

Produced by LUX, Vide for RAI-TV and PAX-TV,  Four hours

Filmed in Morocco

"A of high-profile actors is just one of the reasons to tune in to this stirring tale of intrigue, greed and mystery. But there are also other perks. There is a rousing teleplay by Bradley T. Winter, and Roger Young's ("Joseph") direction is sprightly and nicely focused on getting the most action possible (both physically and emotionally) from the characters and events. In its best moments, the telepic is nothing short of grand opera, with enough color to dazzle even the most complacent viewer. ----Hollywood Reporter  


Joanna Kerns, Deborah Farrentino, Steven Bauer, George Grizzard

Produced by Dori Weiss for CBS Filmed in Sedona, Arizona "This is a marvelous, don't miss mystery. Director Roger Young elicits wonderful performances that are gems in an overall platinum production." ----Hollywood Reporter


Richard Crenna, Rick Schroeder, Carroll Baker Produced by Dori Weiss for CBS Filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Any oversentimentality must be forgiven because of the beauty and simplicity of the performances and the fine visuals and direction, especially in one bittersweet unforgettable scene near the ." ----Hollywood Reporter

RUBY RIDGE: AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY Laura Dern, Randy Quaid, Kirsten Dunst. CBS Mini-series Filmed in Northern California "One of the ten best movies of the year": -----TV Guide. "Young's direction of the deadly tale is stunning." -----Variety "Young projects the terrible events forward with deadly, unrelenting energy."

----Hollywood Reporter "The movie is chilling. Watch it and shudder." -----John J. O'Connor, New York Times "Expertly crafted docudrama...A+-." ----People Magazine


Ben Kingsley, Frank Langella, David Suchet Produced by LUX, Vide for TNT, Four Hours Filmed in Morocco

Co-Production with LUX (Italy), Beta (Germany), RAI (Italy), France 2, ORF (Austria, Czech TV), and Sky (England) Emmy Nomination for Best Mini-Series "Young brings out all the best qualities of the script" ---Tom Shales, Washington Post


Ben Kingsley, Martin Landau, Paul Mercurio, Leslie Ann Warren

Produced by LUX, Vide for TNT, Four Hours

Filmed in Morocco

Co-Production with LUX (Italy), Beta(Ger), RAI(Italy), France 2, ORF (Austria, Czech TV), and Sky (England) Emmy Award: Best Mini-Series Emmy nomination: Best Actor, Ben Kingsley

"This four-hour production is directed by Roger Young with uncommon skill and humanity." ----Hollywood Reporter

"Epic in length, but it doesn't drag. Director Roger Young makes Egypt look intriguingly mysterious and menacing." ---TV Guide "Filmed in Morocco and directed by Roger Young the film is stunningly handsome and the is terrific. Cecil B. De Who?" ----John J. O'Connor, New York Times.


Joseph Runningfox Produced by Norman Jewison for TNT Filmed in Arizona "The best movie about Native Americans I've ever seen on television"

------Jeff Jarvis, TV Guide "TNT"s Geronimo recounts the life of the notorious Apache warrior with more empathy for Native American culture than ever before." ----Time Magazine "A handsome and harrowing film." -----New York Times

"It achieves a kind of raw splor." -----People Magazine



Lorraine Brocco, Anthony Dennison, Ellen Burstyn CBS Filmed in Toronto, Canada "Director Roger Young has grit in his angry camera eye."

----John Leonard, New York Magazine "Young's ing of the puffy, pasty-faced thugs and snitches is unusually authentic. And the opening sequence hurls the viewer into the nightmare story of the prosecutor and her arrogant, slippery prey." ---LA Times "The performances, Roger Young's direction and James Henerson's script are so involving that the audience may forgive the anticlimactic ing when it turns out that Bracco's character isn't the person who brought Gotti down. " ----Variety


Scott Bacula, Robert Loggia Produced by Robert Benedetti for NBC

Filmed in Australia "A real goose-bump thriller. This isn't just another true tale turned into `just another movie, it's an amazing story masterfully told." ----TV Guide "Director Roger Young has fashioned considerable tension with the help of very strong  playing by his leads. Fasten the seatbelts on your sofa." -----Hollywood Reporter "A well executed, exciting telefilm, drawing the maximum emotion from what could have been a generic piece." ---Variety


Annette O'Toole, Anthony Andrews, Jurgen Prochnow

Produced by Jonathan Estrin for NBC, Five Hours Filmed in England, Italy and Luxembourg

Golden Globe Nomination: Best Picture


Marlo Thomas, David Dukes ABC 

Filmed in Israel

"Riveting!" ----TV Guide


Dennis Hopper, G.W. Bailey HBO Filmed in Puerto Rico and New Orleans

Written by Roger Young Cable-ACE Award, Best Picture Cable-ACE Nomination:, Best Actor, Dennis Hopper "Director-writer Young hits home with his complicated version of what happened."

-----Variety "Doublecrossed makes for better viewing than a James Bond movie."

------New York Daily News


William Devane

CBS Filmed in South Carolina

Highest rated original film on CBS for 1991. "This film rers a taut story many cuts above the usual, thanks mainly to a relentlessly focused script by John Robert Bensink and the direction by Roger Young. It isn't every day that we get a made-for-TV film capable of maintaining suspense for more than an hour and a half." --------Wall Street Journal  

MURDER IN MISSISSIPPI Tom Hulce, Blair Underwood, Jennifer Gray, Josh Charles Produced by Mark Wolper for NBC

Filmed in Georgia

Emmy nomination: Best Movie for Television Emmy nomination: Best Actor, Tom Hulce DGA award: Outstanding Director of a Dramatic Special  

''Murder in Mississippi'' provides a fine example of how, with time and persistence, sensitive matters of history can come into reasonable perspective.  The , of course, is never in doubt. But the deaths remain as shocking as if they happened yesterday."

----------  John J. O'Connor, New York Times. 


Mare Winningham, Peter Gallagher

ABC.  Filmed in Los Angeles


Richard Chamberlain, Jaclyn Smith

ABC  Four Hours Filmed in Nice, Paris, Zurich and London Emmy nomination: Best Mini-Series Golden Globe Nomination: Best Mini-Series "This thriller unfolds at the fast-paced clip of a James Bond film, while weaving suspense in the style of Hitchcock." ------TV Guide "A miniseries that kept me so tightly glued to the TV tube that wild horses were needed to tear me away." --------New York Times, Russell Baker "A spellbinding thriller...scenically exciting... Carol Sobieski has written a fine script and Roger Young's direction is excellent." ---------New York Daily News , Kay Gardella


THE SQUEEZE (Feature film)

Michael Keaton and Rae Dawn Chong


Filmed in New York

''The Squeeze,'' directed in high television style by Roger Young...."

--------------New York Times,  Janet Maslin


Peter Strauss, Hal Holbrook, E.G. Marshall NBC, Three Hours

Filmed in Arkansas  

LOVE AMONG THIEVES Audrey Hepburn, Robert Wagner ABC Filmed in San Francisco and Tucson  

GULAG (Released as a feature in Europe)

David Keith, Malcolm McDowell, David Suchet, Warren Clarke

HBO Filmed in London, Oslo and mountains of Norway

ACE-Cable Awards Nomination for Best Picture


Ellen Burstyn, Robert Prosky

Produced by Ron Howard and Tony Ganz for CBS Filmed in Vancouver, Canada

Emmy nomination: Best Actress, Ellen Burstyn

"Into Thin Air" has been d  with intelligence and unusual sensitivity. The Tony Ganz production - made in association with Major H Productions, written by George Rubino and directed by Roger Young - carefully avoids manufactured uplift, staying tightly focused on the more unsettling aspects of the story. ..... What follows is a painstaking, relentless detective story. ....The performances are superb. .... Miss Burstyn brilliantly conveys a woman of powerfully restrained passion. Mr. Robards is appealingly sincere as the always helpful Stephen. And Mr. Prosky does a wonderful turn as the sly old veteran who can run rings around the supposed experts.                               ----------New York Times, John J. O'Connor

LASSITER (Feature film)

Tom Selleck, Jane Seymour and Bob Hoskins Produced by Al Ruddy for Warner Bros.

Filmed in London



Filmed in Manhattan


Produced by Steve Binder for CBS

Filmed in Seattle


George Burns, Robbie Benson

ABC Winner of Humanitas Award


Ron Howard and Art Carney

NBC Emmy nomination: Best Picture

Emmy nomination: Best Director, Roger Young

Winner of Humanitas Award  



RAI Television, Italy, Four hours Co-written with Eric Lerner DOUBLECROSSED

HBO Best Picture Award, Cable Ace  








CBS.  Produced "Final Descent surprises with a few truly original plot situations that make for a more than satisfying outing for stars Robert Urich and Annette O'Toole. Roger Young's admirably crafted screenplay (based on the Robert P. Davis novel "The Glass Cockpit") builds layer upon layer of attention riveting aeronautical complications, well served by director Mike Robe." ----Variety  


Adapted from Bud Shrake's novel by the same name.  Unproduced.

DIRECTOR, TELEVISION PILOTS: MAGNUM, P.I. 1980 (series picked up by CBS) BUREAU 1981 HARDLE AND McCORMICK 1983 (series picked up by ABC) LEGMEN 1984 (series picked up by NBC) DICK AND TRACY 1984 (series picked up by ABC) OHARA 1985 (series picked up by ABC) THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT 1989 (series picked up by USA Cable) HEARTS ARE WILD 1991 (series picked up by CBS) SHENANDOAH 1992


14 Episodes Two Director's Guilds of America Awards for Outstanding direction. Emmy Award for Outstanding Direction in a dramatic series.

ROME - "Philippi"  HBO 2007

THE CLOSER -  "Til Death Do Us Part One"  TNT  2007

LAW AND ORDER – "All New"  NBC 2009

LAW AND ORDER - "Shotgun" NBC 2009


LAW AND ORDER: LA - "Runyon Canyon"  NBC 2011

AWARDS AND NOMINATIONS: Directors Guild of America Award: "Lou Grant" Directors Guild of America Award: "Lou Grant" Emmy Award:  Directorial Achievement, "Lou Grant" Emmy nomination:  Directorial Achievement, "Bitter Harvest" Humanitas Award: "Bitter Harvest" Humanitas Award:  "Two of a Kind" ACE Award nomination:  Directorial Achievement, "Gulag" ACE Award nomination:  Best Picture, "Gulag" Emmy nomination:  Best Mini-Series, "Bourne Identity" Golden Globe nomination:  Best Mini-Series, "Bourne Identity" Emmy nomination:  Best Film, "Murder in Mississippi" Directors Guild of America Award: Directorial Achievement, "Murder in Mississippi" ACE Award:  Best Motion Picture, "DoubleCrossed" Golden Globe nomination:  Best Picture, "Jewels" Emmy Award:  Best Mini-Series, "Joseph" Emmy nomination:  Best Mini-Series, "Moses" Emmy nomination:  Best Mini-Series, "Jesus"

Judge for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 24th Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition.  2009

Emmy Judge - multiple years

College Film Awards judge - multiple years


The Edmund F. and Virginia B. Ball Chair in Telecommunications

Ball State University

Fall and Spring semesters 2008-2009

Taught three classes each semester.  Two that I d: "Director's Styles" and "Directing Drama", plus "History of Film" and an Honors class in Directing.

Each class received a score of 4.8 (out of 5) from the student evaluations.


University of Illinois, BS, Journalism.  Dean's list.

Member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

ITALIAN CELL: 39-331-979-7302

USA CELL: 1-310-994-8118

SKYPE: 1-310-928-7535


The Red Tent (Sony/Lifetime mini-series 2014); Barabbas(mini-series); Rome: "Philippi" (HBO); Augustus: "Peter O'Toole;" Jesus (Jeremy Sisto, Gary Oldman, CBS);One Special Night (Julie Andrews, James Garner) (CBS). Knight in Camelot (Whoopi Goldberg); Ruby Ridge (Laura Dern, Randy Quaid) (CBS); Moses (Ben Kingsley); Geronimo (TNT); Joseph (Ben Kingsley, Martin Landau, TNT, Emmy, Best Miniseries); Double-Crossed (Writer/Director)(Dennis Hopper, HBO, ACE-Best Picture); Murder in Mississippi (NBC, DGA Directing Award); Bitter Harvest (NBC, Emmy nomination-directing); Gulag (HBO, ACE nomination-Director & Best Picture); Lou Grant (2 DGA awards & Emmy-directing). Awards: three Outstanding Director Awards from the DGA, one Emmy award, two Emmy director nominations. WEBSITE: ROGYOUNG.NET

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