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Bruce H. Dorn has been involved in the visual arts and film production since the early 1970's.

Bruce's photographic career began when Conde Nast publishing named him as a Guest Art Director of Mademoiselle Magazine.  After opening a studio on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, Bruce immediately began to shoot for a variety of fashion, business, and news magazines. He soon expanded his services to include both Annual Report and Advertising photography.

Three years later, Bruce was offered a position as a lecturer at the Fine Art campus of Indiana and Purdue University in Indianapolis where he taught all levels of Design and Photography and began the certification process for the school to offer a BFA in Photography.  After four years in academia, Bruce moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he opened Studio B, a boutique studio specializing in advertising and visual problem solving.  Shortly after, an opportunity arose for Bruce to act as the Director of Photography for series of thirty-second television commercials that took Bruce to the finals of the Clio Awards competition.  One of the other finalists in the same category was the Hollywood visual effects powerhouse, Robert Abel and Associates.  Shortly after the competition, Robert Abel interviewed Bruce and offered him the opportunity to direct and ultimate elevated him to the role of Creative Director.  After accepting the position, Bruce conceptualized and directed scores of national and international television campaigns for RAA.  In the process, Bruce was inducted into the Directors Guild of America and won numerous industry awards.  These include multiple Art Directors Club Awards, Clio Awards, Mobius Awards, and a Bronze Lion from the Cannes Commercial Film Festival. 

After five years with Robert Abel's company, Bruce spun off to Bruce Dorn Films, an international commercial production company specializing in visual effects for national broadcast clients.  As a director/cameraman, Bruce specialized in high-risk cinematography.  His expertise in lighting, special effects,  underwater, and aerial cinematography was in constant demand.

Bruce currently lives in Prescott, Arizona where he launched a manufacturing company to realize his unique designs of hi-tech products for the new breed of digital filmmaking tools that range from Canon's Cine EOS C camera to the HDSLR revolution. Bruce's many years of director/cameraman experience gave his product design a practical vision no other product designers in this field could claim. "High Quality" mandates combined with ultra smart and compact designs offered at an affordable price was the cornerstone of his various follow focus product lines. "Less is more" is Bruce's mantra; one that is so well suited to this new emerging market.

Bruce travels extensively to serve his adventure clientele. "Africa is close to my heart." And when back in the states, he is regularly called upon to author and deliver instructional lectures and videos for Canon, USA on lighting, photography, and HD digital film-making techniques. Bruce has spoken at the International Cinematographers Guild, the Hallmark Institute for Photography, and the Fashion Institute of Technology. He enjoys sharing his expertise with young creatives.

Bruce is a Canon Explorer of Light, a Canon Print Master, and a Corel Painter Master. 

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National broadcast commercials: cars, special EFXs and animal specialities.

An award winning  "first to market"  Gearless Follow Focus design for digital filming.

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