Merrill L. Brockway

Retired. CBS Cable, Executive Producer/Director, Drama: Sizwe Banzi is Dead; Kennedy's Children. Dance: Balanchine's Davidsbundlertanze; New York City Ballet. Producer/Director: Dance in America (PBS series); 15 programs including Martha Graham's "Clytemnestra" (Golden Hugo Award 1978); Choreography by Balanchine #3 (DGA Award 1978); Choreography by Balanchine #4 (Emmy 1979); A Song for Dead Warriors (Emmy 1984); Central Ballet of China (DGA Award 1988).

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Visual History
Brockway Interview
Visual History Interview
Veteran Musical Variety and Documentary director Merrill Brockway (Great Perfomances: Dance in America, American Masters) discusses his long directorial career showcasing some of the most memorable dance and musical routines in the history of television.