Andrew V. McLaglen

Eye of the Widow (1991); Return from the River Kwai (1989); On Wings of Eagles (NBC, 1986); Dirty Dozen: Next Mission (1985); Sahara; Shadow Riders; Travis McGee; The Blue and the Gray; The Sea Wolves; ffoulkes; Breakthrough; The Wild Geese; The Last Hard Men; Mitchell; Cahill, US Marshal; Something Big; Fool's Parade; One More Train to Rob; Chisum; The Undefeated; Hellfighters; Bandolero!; The Devil's Brigade; The Ballad of Josie; The Way West; Monkeys Go Home; The Rare Breed; Shenandoah; McLintock.


Visual History
Andrew V. McLaglen Interview
Visual History Interview
Veteran Western and action director Andrew McLaglen (Shenandoah, The Wild Geese, Gunsmoke) discusses directing both feature films and episodic television, and how close working relationships with John Wayne and James Stewart shaped his career.