James R. Drake

Director Associate Director
Features: Speed Zone; Police Academy IV. Telefeatures: Starstruck; Based on an Untrue Story; This Wife for Hire. Emmy Nominations: Golden Girls; Buffalo Bill. DGA Nomination: SCTV. Series: Dave's World; Living Single; Golden Girls; Night Stand; Night Court; Who's the Boss; Mary Hartman; Fernwood 2Night; Newhart; Coach; Sinbad; Fanelli Boys; Duck Factory; Facts of Life; Sanford; Alice; Gimme a Break; The Suite Life. Pilots: Suite Life on Deck; Mr. Bill; Alan King Show; Mars Base I; One Day at a Time; Dad's a Dog. Commercials: Spanish AT&T.
Email: jrdrake1@whidbey.com
Agency: The Irv Schechter Co.
Agent: Irv Schechter
Agency Phone: (310)278-8070

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Visual History
Jim Drake Interview
Visual History Interview
Television and film director Jim Drake (The Golden Girls, Night Court, Newhart) discusses his career in entertainment, starting as an associate director on daytime serials, to directing primetime network television and feature films.