Charles Burton Evans Jr.

  1. Carlo Burton aka Charles Burton Evans Jr

  2. Carlo Burton is a film producer, director, actor, screenwriter, and cinematographer. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, the Directors Guild of America and a signatory producer at both Guilds.Wikipedia

  3. Regestered Producer at Cannes Marche Du Film, Cannes Film Festival, ( I can screen your films there for you.....)

  4. CV

    Carlo Burton aka Charles Evans SAG/DGA

  5. Did plays in the yard at 9, worked on very great plays in Junior High on stage and back stage

  6. Thacher School Ojai California 1964-68

    University of California Santa Cruz 1968-71

    (History of Consciousness, Norman O Brown,

    Jung, Joseph Campbell)(Organic Farming

    Alan Chadwick)

    Humboldt State, History BA 1971-76

    UCLA Extension TV production taught by 1990

    Arnold Shapiro (Rescue 911)

    UCLA Extension Film Production taught by 1990

    Brenda Feigen (Navy Seals)

    Owner of various restaurants, produced, acted, 1977-98

    directed and taught acting in numerous black

    box theaters etc, Exhibiting still photographer.

    Organic farmer, sold at Hollywood Farmers


    Produced, Directed, Acted documentaries etc feature films, 20, 1999 to present

    and counting, constantly lensing.........

    I am a member of the Screen Actors Guild, the Directors Guild and a

    signatory producer at both Guilds. I am a social activist specializing in police corruption and illegal surveillance. I rescue and rehabilitate horses and I care for them myself, I don't have a stable staff or anything. I like to hike and ski. Google Carlo Burton, go to Carlo Burton on the, go to Charles Evans Web page Email, Face book Carlo Burton, Wikipedia Carlo Burton. Lets make a MOVIE!

    Thank you.


Features: Alex and Ro; Portrait of Eve; The Trophy. Feature Documentaries: Chaos To Harmony; Science & Dharma = Social Responsibility, Space Travelers. TV Documentaries: Minds Of Our Time (12 part Nobel Prize winners). etc....