Lisa Cholodenko

Writer/Director: Features: The Kids Are All Right (2010); Laurel Canyon (2003); High Art (1998). Director: Hung: "Beaverland" (2010); Cavedweller (2004, Showtime orig. feature); The L-Word: "Lynch Pin" (2004); 6 Feet Under: "Familla" (2002); Homicide: "Different Coins" (1999).
Agency: International Creative Management, LLC (LA)
Agency Phone: (310)550-4000
DGA Quarterly
DGA Quarterly Mini-Series Lisa Cholodenko
Not only does having a single director on a miniseries assure a unified vision, it can help the logistics of a complicated production. We asked five solo directors to describe their experience doing it all.
DGA Quarterly Screening Room Five Easy Pieces Jack Nicholson
When Lisa Cholodenko first saw Bob Rafelson’s masterpiece in film school, it was a class in psychological realism. The lesson of openness between director and actor informs her work today.
Lisa Cholodenko
After success with High Art and Laurel Canyon, Lisa Cholodenko deliberated on what to do next. With The Kids Are All Right, she set out to do a personal film that can still be commercial.