Tony Charmoli

DGA Awards: Shirley MacLaine, Gypsy in My Soul; John Denver and the Muppets Special. DGA Nominations: Television Specials: Raquel Welch; Invitation to the Dance; Julie Andrews, R. Nureyev; Lily Tomlin; Mitzi Gaynor; The Olympic Gala; Star Search; Miss Universe; Miss U.S.A.; Miss Teen U.S.A.; Circus of the Stars; Super Model. Baryshnikov: The Nutcracker; Blue Suede Shoes: Ballet Rocks; Destination Stardom.
Visual History
Tony Charmoli Interview
Visual History Interview
Award-winning director and choreographer Tony Charmoli (Your Hit Parade, The Nutcracker, Gypsy in My Soul) recounts his participation in the first successful test of transmitting live motion at DuMont Studio in New York, the use of his choreography to highlight the new medium of color television, and how he brought a sense of glamour to the Emmy-winning, Mitzi...A Tribute to the American Housewife.