Lynn Shelton


Features: We Go Way Back; My Effortless Brilliance; Humpday; Your Sister's Sister; Touchy Feely; Laggies. Television: Fresh Off The Boat, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Mad Men.

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DGA Quarterly
DGAQ Fresh Off The Boat
Fresh Off the Boat directors relate to their characters' need to belong.
DGA Quarterly Women's Movement 2014
Female Feature Film Directors
The numbers are appalling. In 2013, only nine percent of DGA features released in theaters were directed by women. To inspire, encourage, and hopefully promote change, we interviewed some of those who succeeded in getting their films made. Here are their stories.
Lynn Shelton
Working quickly with a micro-budget and a sympathetic cast and crew, Lynn Shelton has churned out four films in four years, including her latest, Touchy Feely.