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Annabel, with Rocky Morton, was the creative force behind Cucumber Studios, founded in the late 70's and celebrated for pushing the boundaries of film-making with innovative combinations of animation, CGI and live action. Cucumber produced many award-winning commercials, titles and music videos including the seminal "Accidents Will Happen" for Elvis Costello and "Decoy" for Miles Davis. Several of these works reside in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

In the mid-eighties, Jankel co-d and co-directed Max Headroom - 20 minutes Into The Future - a TV movie and 13-part series for Channel 4 in the UK and HBO that led to its US re-visioning in 1986. Offers from Hollywood followed including the cult movies DOA, with Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, and Super Mario Brothers, with Dennis Hopper and Bob Hoskins.

In 1991, she was a founding partner of Commercials Production Company MJZ (Morton Jankel Zander Inc.) based in Los Angeles, with offices in New York and London.

Having left MJZ in 2005, Jankel then went on to the pilot and direct the music/documentary multi-camera TV Series Live From Abbey Road, broadcast by Channel 4 in the UK and the Sundance Channel. Over the course of the series, seventy of the world's leading artists were filmed in the Studios, including Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon, Brian Wilson, The Killers, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Massive attack and Mary J Blige.

Soon after Live From Abbey Road, she directed the feature length film Skellig, starring Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs; Lie To Me) John Simm (Intruders; Life on Mars) and Kelly McDonald (No Country For Old Men; Boardwalk Empire) for Sky TV in the UK and international theatrical distribution.

Working in 3D, Jankel directed the full-length music and documentary show 'Live on Air' featuring Elbow, the Manchester based band, culminating in a Live performance at London's O2 Centre, broadcast by Sky in the UK.

A US and UK citizen, DGA and Directors UK member, she divides her time between London and Los Angeles.


Features: Tell it to the Bees (2017); Skellig (2009). Music & Documentary: Live on Air Featuring Elbow (2011) 3D, One Hour Music Doc; Live From Abbey Road Season 1&2 (2007-2009). Features: Super Mario Bros. (1993, Co-Director Rocky Morton); D.O.A. (1988, Co-Director Rocky Morton). TV Movie: Max Headroom, The Original Story (1985, Co-Director Rocky Morton). TV: Max Headroom (UK Series, 1985, Co-Director Rocky Morton). Commercials & Virals: 1991-2006. Music Videos & Titles: 1978-2006.

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