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Director 1st AD, UPM
1 Lakshmi Films 816 South Genesee Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036 Phone: (213) 509-0468; Fax: (323) 933-1435 email: Babu (T.R.) Subramaniam BIOGRAPHY Family Babu Subramaniam, has been married to his wife, Sylvia, for over 28 years, and has two daughters - Natasha, having recently finished her Master’s program in Film from Cal Arts, Leela, beginning her graduate studies in Voice/Opera at the Manhattan School Of Music, and a Son - Tagore, who has recently graduated from Boston University Law School and passed his CA Bar.  Education: Babu graduated from S.I.E.S. College in Bombay, India; advanced his studies in film at The New School in New York City. Film Career After finishing graduate school, Babu supported himself by working as a Production Assistant, Script Supervisor and Assistant Director in the Bombay film industry. His early initiation was on 8mm films working with his teenage writer/director/actor friend, Hyder Ali. He subsequently worked under one of India's leading filmmakers, Producer/Director, Mahesh Bhatt, on over six theatrical features films. One of these films, "The Two Shades Of Blood” (“lahu ke do rang,") produced by the late Shankar BC and Gul Anand took him to Hong Kong In the mid seventies, Babu went on to work for Rizzoli Films, Italy, with one of India's leading international star, Kabir Bedi, on films such as "Sandokan," filmed in Malaysia, and "The Black Pirate," shot on locations in Colombia, South America. He subsequently headed to New York City for advance film studies. He produced and directed his first short film "The Big Apple" during his last year at the New School in Manhattan. In the late seventies, Babu continued to live in New York City and worked as an Assistant Director for the late Italian Director Sergio Corbucci on spaghetti westerns such as "Super Fuzz," "Odds and Evens," and "Hands Off The Island," filmed primarily in and around Florida with stars such as Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Ernie Borgnine and Joanne Dru. He later moved to Hollywood, California, on being accepted to the membership of the Director's Guild of America West to further his career as an Assistant Director. 2 On arriving in Hollywood, Babu began making the rounds and had the good fortune of meeting with one of Hollywood's most reputable production supervisors, Cyrus Yavneh. Cyrus was wrapping a 16-hour mini-series entitled "The Winds of War," for Paramount and was about to begin pre-production on a film entitled "Choices." He was impressed with Babu and immediately hired him as a 2nd Assistant Director for the film. Babu subsequently went on to work with Cyrus on numerous Features, TV Movies and Series. In the early eighties, he worked for three years as a 2nd Assistant Director for Dick Glassman at 20th Century Fox TV on their series entitled "The Paper Chase," starring John Houseman. A story he read in the New York Times involving an Indian journalist, Rajkumar Keswani and the Union Carbide Bhopal Gas tregedy, prompted Babu to immediately head out to Bhopal, India, to produce and direct a documentary on the Bhopal/Union Carbide tragedy. He currently is developing a theatrical feature film on the subject with Producer Michael Phillips. He subsequently moved on to work for Michael Nesmith and Cyrus on "Television Parts," for NBC. In the mid eighties, Babu landed at Universal to work on a sci-fi series entitled "The Misfits of Science," starring the late Dean Paul Martin and Courtney Cox. He then moved over to MGM to work on "The Man Who Fell To Earth," for Bobby Roth. In the late eighties, Babu was an Assistant Director on one of the most watched event on Television - the final season of "Hill Street Blues." He became one of the most sought after Assistant Directors in the business. The late Gene Roddenberry hired him to work on his new series "Star Trek - The Next Generation, " for Paramount TV. The late Michael Schoenbrun, who was then head of Paramount Television, was so impressed with Babu that he promoted him to First Assistant Director on the series. He subsequently went on to work as First A.D. with Steve Tisch and Kenny Ortega on "Dirty Dancing," and with Tim Reed on "Snoops." In the early nineties, Babu hooked up with Betty Thomas, John Landis and Kevin Bright on "Dream On, " a series for HBO. Having now worked extensively in episodic, he moved over to Theatrical Features, TV Movies, Mini-series and pilots and worked on projects such as the mini-series "Son of the Morning Star" by Melissa Mathison, "Soul Thief" and "In the best Interests of the Children" movies for Television directed by Michael Rhodes and the feature, "Heart Condition," produced by Steve Tisch with Denzel Washington and Bob Hoskins. In the mid nineties, Babu's transition to features led him to work on "The Untamed Heart" and "Home Of Our Own," films produced and directed by Tony Bill who then recommended Babu to Dennis Hopper for "Chasers." He continued on with films such as "The Cemetary Club," "Money For Nothing" and "Royce." In Feb, 1994, Rod Holcomb, who directed "Royce," in Hungary with Babu as his First Ast. Director, invited him to work on the Television pilot of "ER" produced by John Wells for Warner Bros TV/Amblin. Babu continued to work on “ER,” as a First 3 Assistant Director for over eight years servicing directors like Quentin Tarantino, John Wells, Mimi Leder, Chris Chulack, Jonathan Kaplan, Ken Kwapis and many others. Babu continued on to CHEETAH GIRLS-AN INDIAN ADVENTURE for the Disney Channel filmed entirely in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, from Jan’08 thru April’08 following which, he went on to work for Dreamworks TV/TNT on a pilot entitled “FALLING SKIES” in Toronto, Canada. Most recently, Babu has been involved with Ken Kwapis on OUTSOURCED for NBC-Universal TV and MEMPHIS BEAT for Warner-Horizon and just comleting a pilot for FX/FTVS entitled “OUTAW COUNTRY.” He is also in development on projects entitled “The Third Sex,” “Smuggling Drugs for Gandhi,” “Burning Fire” aka “Feeding Frenzy,” “Itsu Mademo,” and “Passage Against The Tides,” a 13-part limited mini-series about the Punjabi(Sikh)/Mexicans set in the Americas of the early 1900s, to produce and direct in 2011-12. Babu has directed multiple episodes of "ER" and has also directed episodes of “ONE TREE HILL,”, “THE DIVISION,” “THIRDWATCH,” “ED” and “STRONG MEDICINE.” Babu was invited by the Artwallah Festival to direct a one-act play entitled “Chaos Theory,” during the summer of 2003. This experience was extremely enriching and Babu hopes to direct atleast one theatre piece every year. He has received five DGA nominations and won three for his work on "ER." His agent is Amy Retzinger at The Gersh Agency and his manager is Andrew Hersh at Thrive Entertainment.
Dir(episodic): One Tree Hill ,The Division, ER (multiples); Strong Medicine; Third Watch; ED. 1st AD: Easier Softer Way; Royce; Chasers; Money for Nothing; Home of Our Own; Cemetery Club; Untamed Heart; Choices; 7 films (India, 1971-76). MOWs: Next Door; Inner Sanctum; Best Interest of the Children; Soul Thief; Son of the Morning Star (miniseries). Series:Outlaw Country; Outsourced; Memphis Beat; ER (1994-02); Dream On; Dirty Dancing; Snoops; Star Trek TNG; Hill Street Blues; Misfits of Science; Cheetah Girls: One World (2008); docu on Bhopal; Locations: worldwide. Speak Spanish, Italian.

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