John G. Avildsen

Director UPM
8 Seconds; The Power of One; Rocky V; Karate Kid I, II, & III; Lean on Me; For Keeps; Happy New Year; A Night in Heaven; Neighbors; The Formula; Slow Dancing in the Big City; Rocky; Inaugural Ball; W.W. Dixie and the Dancekings; Save the Tiger; The Stoolie; Cry Uncle; Joe; Guess What We Learned in School Today?; Sweet Dreams; Turn on to Love. Documentaries: Tribute to Abbie Hoffman (1989); Travelling Hopefully: Roger Baldwin, Founder ACLU (1982).
Agency: United Talent Agency, LLC
Agent: Julien Thuan
Agency Phone: (310)273-6700
Visual History
Avildsen Interview
Visual History Interview
John Avildsen discusses his early years in advertising and working on industrial shorts, which led him to work with Otto Preminger and Arthur Penn, and how he made the leap from independent films like Joe to studio features like Save the Tiger and Rocky.
DGA Quarterly
DGA Quarterly Magazine John Avildsen directing Rocky
John Avildsen
John Avildsen, who passed away June 16th, won the DGA Award for directing Rocky.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2012 Shot to Remember Rocky
In Rocky, John Avildsen's guerilla filmmaking on the streets of Philadelphia for perhaps the most famous training sequence ever might not have been possible without a great new invention-- the Steadicam.