Mick Jackson

Features: The Bodyguard; LA Story; Volcano; Chattahoochee. Television: Temple Grandin (DGA Award; Emmy); Memory Keeper's Daughter (Emmy nom); Live From Baghdad (DGA Award, Emmy nom, Golden Globe nom); Tuesdays with Morrie (DGA Award, Humanitas Prize); Indictment: The McMartin Trial (DGA Award, Golden Globe, Emmy nom). Miniseries: Hades Factor; Very British Coup (Int'l Emmy, BAFTA Award); Race for the Double Helix (BAFTA Award); Threads (BAFTA Award). Pilots: The Practice; Numbers; In Justice; Handler. Documentaries: Ascent of Man; Connections.
Agency: Equitable Stewardship for Artists
Agent: Paul Alan Smith
Agency Phone: (310)853-4200

Paul Alan Smith
Equitable Stewardship for Artists
10317 Jefferson Blvd.
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Visual History
Mick Jackson Interview
Visual History Interview
Mick Jackson reflects on his career as a feature film and television director including his early work for the BBC, and his work in Hollywood on the feature films L.A. Story (1991) and The Bodyguard (1992), as well as movies for television such as Temple Grandin (2010).