Esperanza G. Martinez

Associate Director Director, Stage Manager
Eyewitness News (Early Morning, Noon and 5PM editions); Live with Regis and Kathie Lee; Like It Is; Tiempo. Director: The Cloth Sings to Me (winner, 1995 Paul Robeson Award for documentary short). Directors Citation Media Arts Consortium; Presenter at AFI 14th International Video Festival.
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Visual History
Esperanza 'Candy' Martinez Interview
Visual History Interview
Veteran news associate director and stage manager Esperanza “Candy” Martinez discusses her long career working for the news crew of WABC in New York, her mentorship of new directors, and her “passion projects” directing documentaries on African-American quilt making.
DGA Quarterly
DGA Quarterly Winter 2006 On the Job Candy Martinez Esperanza
Mentor of the Newsroom
Having spent 34 years at WABC in New York, Martinez, who recently received the Franklin J. Schaffner Award, enjoys bringing middle school and high school kids into the studio for a glimpse of the broadcast world.