Peter Briggs Ney


PETER NEY has been in the entertainment business for nearly 30 years. His credits include directing and producing Reality Television & Commercials. In addition to directing the Competition/Elimination reality shows FRAMEWORK, RACHAEL vs. GUY, 11 Seasons of FACE OFF, HGTV DESIGN STAR, TABATHA'S SALON TAKEOVER, ROSEANNE'S NUTZ, 24 HR RESTAURANT BA TTLE, FOOD NETW ORK STAR, CELEBRITY FIT CLUB, I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY, 50 CENT: THE POWER AND THE MONEY, MY ANTONIO, PARIS HILTON'S MY NEW BFF, LAST COMIC STANDING, BEAUTY & THE GEEK, SHAQ'S BIG CHALLENGE, THE PICK UP ARTIST, BEAUTY AND THE GEEK, SHAQ'S BIG CHALLENGE, he has also directed segments for THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, HARD COPY and DEAL OR NO DEAL.

Mr. Ney was nominated for the DGA Director's Guild award for FACE OFF in 2013.

Mr. Ney started in the entertainment business as a camera operator, and moved on to become a Director of Photography. He has extensive experience lighting actors and celebrities, for the most beautiful shots possible. He has lit and directed Paris Hilton, Diddy, Roseanne Barr, Jerry Seinfeld, Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, McKenzie Westmore, and RuPaul among many others.

Peter's strengths are working with actors and celebrities to make them feel comfortable, to have ease in front of the camera. He's known for capturing the best moments possible. 


GAME FACE - Pilot (Face Off spinoff)                          Director                       SyFy/Mission Control

FACE OFF-Seasons 1-13  *nominated in 2013            Director                       SyFy/Mission Control

WINDOW WARRIORS - Season 1                               Director                       GSN/Michael Levitt Prods

INSIDE E-SPORTS- Daily live web show                     Supervising Prod        Go90/Machinima

AFTER POWERS - Live to tape web series                 Supervising Prod        SONY/Machinima

THUNDERDRONE RACING - Season 1                      Supervising Prod        ESPN/All3 Media        

SKIN WARS/FRESH PAINT - Season 1                       Director                       GSN/Michael Levitt Prods

STEAMPUNK'D - Season 1                                          Director                       GSN/Pink Sneakers

WELL, THAT'S ONE WAY TO COOK IT - Pilot             Director                       ABC/Jane Street Ent

FRAMEWORK - Season 1                                            Director                       Spike/Mission Control

RACHAEL vs GUY/KIDS - Season 2                            Director                       Food Net/Jane Street

AZEROTH CHOPPERS - 12 Episode Web Series       Exec Producer            Blizzard/EndemolUSA

BEAT BOBBY FLAY - Season 1                                   Director                       Food Net/Rock Shrimp

HGTV DESIGN STAR - Season 8                                Supervising Prod        HGTV/CBS Eye Too

TABATHA'S SALON TAKEOVER - Seasons 2-5          Co-Executive Prod     Bravo/Reveille/Shine

ROSEANNE'S NUTZ - Season 1                                  Supervising Prod        Lifetime/Eyeworks

DANCE MOMS - Season 1                                            Supervising Prod        Lifetime/Collins Ave

TORI & DEAN'S STORY BOOK WEDDINGS - Season 1    Supervising Prod        Oxygen/World of Wonder

24HR RESTAURANT BATTLE - Season 1                  Supervising Prod        Food Net/CBS Eye Too

FOOD NETWORK STAR - Seasons 6 - 8                    Supervising Prod        Food Net/CBS Eye Too

CELEBRITY FIT CLUB - Seasons 6 & 7                      Director                       VH1/iTV

I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY - Season 2                Director                       VH1/Left/Right Prods

SPLIT ENDS - Season 2                                              Supervising Prod        Style/44 Blue

MY ANTONIO - Season 1                                             Director                       VH1/ISH 

WCG ULTIMATE GAMER - Seasons 1 & 2                  Director                       SyFy/iTV

BLUSH - Season 1                                                       Supervising Prod        Lifetime/IMG 

50 CENT:The Power & the Money  Season 1               Director                       MTV/ISH 

PARIS HILTON'S MY NEW BFF - Season 1                Director                       MTV/ISH 

LAST COMIC STANDING - Season 6                          Director                       NBC/New Wave

TOP THIS PARTY - Season 1                                      Supervising Prod        Lifetime/Intuitive  

BEAUTY & THE GEEK - Season 4                              Supervising Prod        CW/3Ball

SHAQ'S BIG CHALLENGE - Season 1                        Supervising Prod        ABC/RDF

THE PICK UP ARTIST - Season 1                               Supervising Prod        VH1/3Ball 

FUNNIEST MOM IN AMERICA - Season 3                 Director                       Nickelodeon/4th Floor

CUT TO THE CHASE - Interstitial Series                     Supervising Prod        TBS  

GROOMER HAS IT - Season 1                                    Director                       Animal Planet/3Ball  

SITUATION COMEDY - Season 1                                Director                       Bravo/4th Floor

THE WADE ROBSON PROJECT - Season 1              Supervising Prod        MTV 

RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT - Seasons 1- 4          Director                       TBS/Woodridge 

HARD COPY - Seasons 1-10                                       Director                       NBC/Paramount

THE TONIGHT SHOW w/Jay Leno - 2010-2012         Segment Director        NBC 

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE - Seasons 1-3                           Segment Director        ABC  

FUNNIEST WINS - pilot                                               Director                       TBS/Eyeworks

SEX WITH MOM AND DAD - pilot                               Director                       MTV/Remote 

SCREAM QUEENS - pilot                                            Supervising Prod       VH1/Joke/Biagio Prods

OPERATION FABULOUS - pilot                                  Director                       CW/10x10 Ent

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