Stefan Scaini


Emmy Award Winner, Stefan Scaini, is one of Canada's foremost directors with hundreds of hours of film and television to his credit. He began his career in the 4th grade when he submitted a docudrama filmed with his dad's super 8 camera. The project was later featured on a local television station. At seventeen he made his first dramatic short, a romantic comedy about a lonely teenage ghost. This earned him acceptance to the Tahoe Film School in California and the distinction of being mentored by some of Hollywood's finest directors. Among them, Sydney Pollack, Robert Wise, Ronald Neame and Richard Fleisher.

While Scaini continues to direct movies and series television, he is now writing and developing a series of youth/adventure movies including "Ghost Train", the story of a young boy who unravels the mystery of a phantom Streamliner and "EcoTechs", about four extraordinary teens determined to protect our planet.

Stefan's first industry job was directing the live newscast at City TV in Toronto where he also wrote, produced and directed a number of award winning dramatic specials. From there he moved to CBC where he began directing such classics as "The Beachcombers", "Street Legal", "Littlest Hobo" and several multi award winning MOW's.

In the years that followed, Stefan established himself as one of the top episodic directors television in Canada, US and Europe offering his unique style to CBS, FOX, Spelling, Showtime, BBC, Nickleodeon and Disney, to mention a few, and working with such actors as Jennifer Lopez, Connie Stevens, William Shatner, John Schnider, Joanna Cassidy and many more. 

Along with his award winning melodramas, Stefan also developed a reputation as an exceptional "family" and "kids" director with highly acclaimed movies such as  "Anne Of Green Gables" & "Spirit Bear" and with his extensive multi-camera experience,  sitcoms such as  "Life With Boys", "Max & Shred" and "Spun Out". 

Stefan's abilities also extend into the world of VFX driven shows such as Annedroids for Amazon and Odd Squad for PBS. In fact, he has been nomnated for two 2016 Daytime Emmy Awards for both of these productions.

Stefan Scaini has become one of the industries most versatile directors with a body of work that includes, feature, episodic, multi-camera sitcom, factual/reality and current affairs. Currently, he is writing and developing a series of family movies intended for the world market.




Dir: Ride, The Other Kingdom, Make It Pop (Nickelodeon), Spun Out (CTV) Republic of Doyle, Heartland (Series/CBC); Life With Boys (series YTV); How to Be Indie (Series/YTV); Valemont (Series/MTV); SOUL (Series/Vision); Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story (MOW/CTV/Animal Planet); Degrassi: The Next Generation (Series/CTV/Noggin); Anne of Green Gables The Continuing Story (Miniseries/PBS); Da Kink In My Hair (Pilot/Series/CanWest); Naturally Sadie (Series/Disney); Savannah (Series/Spelling); Under The Piano (MOW/CBS/Lifetime); The Prisoner of Zenda (Showtime Feature); The Famous Jett Jackson (Series/Disney); Hotel Malibu (Series/CBS); Second Chances (Series/CBS).

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