Chell Stephen


Chell Stephen is an episodic director (Riverdale, Nurses) who got her start making eye-catching short films (SXSW) branded work (L'Oreal, Fendi) and music videos. A fellow of the Sundance institute and graduate of the WB Directors' Workshop, Chell's filmmaking style has been called sophisticated, confident and raucous. She loves to execute big visuals but not at the expense of working intimately with actors -- Chell believes vulnerability is the jam and has never shied away from sharing everything with everybody, inviting her collaborators into the murky soup of human emotion with her, often in full Blue Jays regalia. You know… for fun!


2021 - Nurses - #207  - “Prima Facie” 

2020 - Riverdale - #411 - “Quiz Show” 

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