Marie Cantin


2017 Frank Capra Achievement Award


Producer: The Waterdance; Days of Wrath; The Book of Stars. Co-Producer/UPM: Smith (Episodes Two, Three, Five, Seven). UPM: Smith (pilot). Co-Producer: Save The Last Dance. Executive Producer/UPM: Masked and Anonymous; Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead. Co-Producer/UPM: Big Fat Liar; A Night At The Roxbury; Heart Condition. Associate Producer/UPM: Torch Song Trilogy; Sis and Jerry Levin Story (MOW). Coordinating Producer: Trying Times (PBS series). UPM: Collateral; Dante's Peak; The Pagemaster; Stranded; Modern Girls. Executive Producer (Short Films): Day One (Oscar Nominee); Starman.

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