Cellin Gluck

Director 1st AD, Associate Director, UPM
Sideways; Transformers; Jibaku; Memoirs of a Geisha; Into the Sun; Remember the Titans; Noriega; God's Favorite; Contact; La Cucaracha; Hiroshima; The Hunted (2nd Unit Director); Poison Ivy 3; Pontiac Moon; Beethoven's 2nd; Life With Mikey; Mr. Baseball; Internal Affairs; Black Rain; Picture Bride; The Long Kiss Goodnight; Apollo 13; High Tide; Rising Sun; Surf Warriors; The Imagination-Syd Mead (HDTV); Les Fruits de la Passion (Hong Kong). 100+ Commercials/Music Videos/Director/Line Producer/Assistant Director. Extensive International Experience: Fluent Japanese/French.
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