Debbie Williams

Associate Director Stage Manager
Academy Awards; Grammy's; American Music Awards; Golden Globes; Billboards; Blockbuster; MTV Music Awards; People's Choice; VH-1 Honors; Academy of Country Music; ER Live; Jerry Lewis Telethon; Comedy Awards; Special Olympics; Miss America; Miss Universe; Comic Relief; Teachers Awards; AFI Life Achievement Awards; Disneys Pres. Inaugural; Rep. National Conven.; SAG Awards; TV Hall of Fame; Sinatra's 80th; Bob Hope's 80th; Sammy Davis Tribute; H'wood Squares; Fail Safe; On Golden Pond; American Idol; The Emmy's; ABC's 50th Anniv.
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Visual History
VH Debbie Williams Hero
Visual History Interview
Debbie Williams discusses her 40-year career as a stage manager in variety programs including American Idol, awards shows such as The Oscars and The Academy of Country Music Awards and live episodes of network dramas such as ER, and The West Wing.
DGA Quarterly
DGA Quarterly Fall 2008 On the Job Williams
Idol Manager
A veteran of the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and MTV Movie Awards, Williams likens her role as stage manager to that of "den mom."