The Mentorship Program will commence in April 2024, and run over an eight-month period. Mentors will be asked to commit to attend a few meetings in person which will take place at the Guild during this time period. We anticipate an average of two hours a month commitment to engaging a DGA member “Protégé” via a combination of in-person, telephone, video call, and email correspondences.

Ideal mentors would meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Television Director who has directed at least 30 episodes.
  • Have experience as a teacher or mentor in any other programs or institutions outside of the DGA or informally through personal commitments.
  • Understand that their participation could result in placement in a mentoring relationship

Check the box at the bottom of this page to begin the registration process. The brief, three-page survey will ask you about the following: your personal interest in mentoring an emerging television director, your experiences both in and outside of the industry that will inform your coaching skills, your educational/training background, and your expectations for your availability for the next year.

Once you begin your registration, you may save your progress at any point and return later to add missing elements until you are ready to submit.

Breannah Oppenhuizen
Diversity & Inclusion Program Executive
(310) 289-5377