The DGA assists members in resolving arbitrable disputes with employers arising under its collective bargaining agreements and their personal services contracts. Most often, DGA Field Representatives, Executives or other Guild Departments are able to resolve issues by giving advice to members or discussing the problem with their employer. If that does not lead to a solution, a dispute may require the services of the DGA's Legal Department.

The DGA's attorneys are responsible for taking a claim to arbitration and enforcing an arbitrator's award in court. Members receive free representation from attorneys with a great deal of experience, and avoid the expense and delay of personal litigation.

Members should note, however, that disputes rarely begin with the Legal Department and are only referred there by Guild staff when other efforts have not succeeded. Members therefore initially should seek redress from the appropriate Department.

  • To reach members of the DGA Legal Department call (310) 289-2014.
DGA Headquarters - Los Angeles 310-289-2000
or toll free at 800-421-4173
DGA Offices - New York 212-258-0800
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