Student Open House / Student Videoconferencing Program

The Student Open House is a biennial event for students from local film programs to obtain first-hand information from DGA directors and director's team members on career matters and Guild membership. The Videoconferencing Program provides students from around the country the opportunity to talk to working directors and director's team members based in Hollywood.


Student Open House 2012

On October 27, the DGA's Special Projects Academic Sub-Committee presented the 2012 Student Open House in the Guild's Los Angeles DGA Theater complex. The event was designed to give Southern California film school students an opportunity to learn about DGA membership, how to apply for the Assistant Directors Training Program, and hear from working Guild members on a variety of subjects.

Following a welcome message from DGA Special Projects Academic Sub-Committee Chair Randal Kleiser, the students heard about the AD Training Program from Directors Guild-Producers Assistant Directors Training Program Administrator Janet Dyer Gould, and about the Guild’s commitment to independent filmmakers from DGA Special Assignments Executive Daniel Tenkman.

The highlight of the day was a panel discussion on how to jumpstart a career with DGA director-members Eric Appel (New Girl), Rian C. Johnson (Looper), Penelope Spheeris (Five), and Jason Winer (Modern Family), moderated by Kleiser (Honey, I Shrunk the Audience). Afterwards, the students were able to speak with the panelists and other DGA members during an informal lunch reception.

Directors Eric Appel, Penelope Spheeris, Randal Kleiser (moderator), Jason Winer, and Rian C. Johnson form the DGA panel at the 2012 Student Open House event.

Directors Eric Appel, Jason Winer, Penelope Spheeris, and Rian C. Johnson engage in a panel discussion on how to jumpstart a career.

A Southern California film school student asks the panel a question.

Southern California film school students learn about DGA membership at the 2012 Student Open House.

Director Cameron Crowe Video Conference with University of Hawaii

Director Cameron Crowe participated in an online conversation with film students from The University of Hawaii. The interaction was part of the DGA's Videoconferencing Program for Film Schools, which brings film students from around the country together with DGA members in Hollywood to discuss career issues and the art and craft of directing.

A two-time DGA feature film award nominee for Almost Famous (2000) and Jerry Maguire (1996), Crowe spoke about the art and craft of directing, and answered questions from the Robert Wise Library, located in the DGA's Los Angeles Headquarters.

The program is the brainchild of the DGA's Special Projects' Academic Outreach Sub-committee. A committee member acts as moderator, welcoming the students, describing the mission of the program and then introducing the director/director team participants, who then has an up to one-hour online conversation with the film school and its students.

DGA Special Projects' Academic Outreach Sub-committee Chair Randal Kleiser served as moderator. Academy for Creative Media Director Chris Lee and Assistant Professor Joel Moffett served as moderators from their location thousands of miles across the sea at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

 DGA Student Video Conferencing with Cameron Crowe

Director Cameron Crowe and moderator Randal Kleiser in Los Angeles.

 DGA Student Video Conferencing with Cameron Crowe

A DGA staffer videos the conference in the Robert Wise Library.

 DGA Student Video Conferencing with Cameron Crowe

Students at the University of Hawaii.

Student videoconferencing participants include:

University of Kansas
John Stockwell (Director) and Rip Murray (A.D.), moderated by director Randal Kleiser

Miami-Dade Community College
Gary Fleder (Director), moderated by Randal Kleiser

Vanderbilt University Advanced Filmmaking Class
Donald Petrie (Director), moderated by Randal Kleiser

Ball State University Digital Storytelling Class
Joe Menendez (Director), moderated by Randal Kleiser

San Antonio College Film Club
Millicent Shelton (Director)

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Advanced Production Class
Randal Kleiser (Director)

University of Hawaii
Cameron Crowe (Director), moderated by Randal Kleiser

Montana State University

Penelope Spheeris (Director), moderated by Randal Kleiser

Vanderbilt University
Richard Benjamin (Director), moderated by Randal Kleiser

Duke University
David Nutter (Director), moderated by Randal Kleiser

Arizona State University
Michael Apted (Director), moderated by Randal Kleiser

New Jersey City University
Carl Franklin (Director), moderated by Randal Kleiser