This section provides useful information for members and non-members about the DGA's affliates.


DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans

Created as a result of the DGA’s collective bargaining agreements with producer associations representing the motion picture, television and commercial production industries, the DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans provide excellent benefits to participants.

Directors Guild Foundation
DGA Foundation logo

The Directors Guild Foundation provides confidential loans to DGA members facing short term financial hardship. Foundation funds also support the MPTV Health Care Centers and underwrite the DGA-Motion Picture Industry Conservation Collection at UCLA.

The Film Foundation
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The Film Foundation seeks to protect motion picture history by providing support for preservation and restoration projects at leading film archives. The Foundation also creates programs to teach students about the cultural, artistic, and historical significance of film.

Training Programs
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The Assistant Directors Training Programs accept a limited number of candidates each year to participate in on-the-job training to become 2nd Assistant Directors. Trainees receive paid, hands-on work experience on actual projects and attend mandatory seminars. Graduates of the program are invited to join the Guild.

Member Discount Program

The Member Discount Program is a listing of discounts available to DGA Members on events and services offered by select third-party vendors. Members must login to view this listing.


The ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number) is a voluntary numbering system for the identification of audiovisual works that provides an internationally recognized and permanent reference number for each audiovisual work registered in the system.

Talent Agency Info

The DGA provides an online version of the list of DGA signatory agencies that have agreed to abide by certain rules and regulations. Please note that the DGA is not liable for the acts or omissions of any signatory agency and the Guild does not offer assistance in selecting or retaining an agent.


Here you will find website links to information on: Film Commissions, Film Festivals & Conferences, Film Schools & Training Programs, other Guilds and Unions, Industry Organizations, Safety Issues, and Studios and Distributors.