Reminder to Report Your Earnings


August 19, 2020

These are difficult times for all DGA members. The Guild recognizes that with the shutdown of most work due to the Coronavirus pandemic some may have difficulties paying dues at this time. We have made the decision to refrain from suspending members for the non-payment of dues through October 1, 2020, at which time we will reassess the situation. However – members are still required to report their earnings so that the Guild can accurately assess our overall financial situation.

The DGA Constitution and Bylaws provides that any member who is delinquent in the payment of dues for two quarters will be suspended from membership. Although we are not suspending members for the non-payment of dues – please note that the Guild will suspend members who do not report their earnings as required. If your account becomes two or more quarters in arrears for non-reporting of earnings, your membership will become eligible for suspension.

As soon as your earnings reports are received, your account will be billed for the appropriate dues owed. You do not have to pay them at this time, but if you have the good fortune to be able to do so, please do. That revenue goes to help operate our Guild so we can continue to protect you throughout this pandemic.

You have the option of submitting your Gross Earnings on-line at, or by mail.

If you have any questions, please contact your dues representative:

  • Members with Last Names A-G — Contact Angela Tagmazyan at 310-289-2080 or
  • Members with Last Names H-O — Contact Catie Coyne at 310-289-2090 or
  • Members with Last Names P-Z — Contact Lisa Yan at 310-289-5324 or