Workplace Safety During COVID-19 – Alert Your Guild with any Work Offers


May 20, 2020

Dear Member:

In these unprecedented times, your Guild is working hard to ensure that employers' health and safety obligations to members are being taken seriously. Our extensive efforts are well underway as we consult with top medical experts, and closely coordinate with our sister unions and the greater industry to determine what a safe return to set can and should look like.

In this timeframe before industry-wide safety protocols are agreed upon and adopted, you should immediately contact the Guild (via the phone number or email address below) if you are approached to work on any production that intends on resuming or beginning production so our Contracts team can provide appropriate guidance and make sure the employer is meeting its obligations to provide a safe workplace. If you are asked to sign any document releasing the employer from liability, you should contact us immediately and refrain from signing such document until after we've had an opportunity to review it and consult with the employer.

The information you provide to us will not only help you today – it will also help to keep your fellow members protected into tomorrow.

DGA Contracts Department Contact Information:
Phone: (310) 289-2010 - Email: