Availability Lists Updated


August 16, 2018

To protect members from phishing, spam or potential fraudulent activity, email addresses will no longer be listed on the DGA website’s Employment Availability Lists PDFs.

If you have marked an email address as publicly available on your DGA account, it is still available to potential employers through the Member Directory, and the new Availability Lists will note this in your listing.  Because the Member Directory requires the entry of an individual member name by the user, and a search can only be conducted for one member at a time, it is significantly less likely that this tool will be used for purposes other than industry business. The Availability Lists will continue to display your other publicly marked information like phone numbers, personal websites, and IMDB pages for employers to reach you. You can review and update what contact information you list publicly on the Account Settings page on our website at any time. 

We advise members to always use caution when it comes to suspicious emails. Know that the Guild would never send an email asking for money or donations, or request your personal information without requiring you to log-in to the secure members-only section of www.dga.org.

Click here for more details on email safety, cyber security and a list of practical suggestions for your protection.  If you have any questions about this change to the Availability Lists, or would like assistance in updating your contact information online or updating your work availability, please contact DGA Communications Manager Colin Crowley at ccrowley@dga.org or (310) 289-5333.

Please note the Availability Lists are for AD/UPM and AD/SM/PA members only. For more information and/or to view the Lists, click here to see the PDF links in the right hand sidebar.