Chicago Coordinating Committee Election Results

CCC CoChairs

October 8, 2018

The DGA Chicago Coordinating Committee (CCC) members recently reelected Directors John McNaughton and Thomas Wekony, Jr. to continue serving as co-chairs of the Committee. The following members were also elected to serve on the Committee:

Newly elected to serve: Director Nadine Aloisio-Sorenson; AD/UPMs Senica Billingsley, Jon S. Dombro, Richard S. Lederer, James R. McAllister, Normann R. Pokorny and Jim Turner; AD/SM/PAs Amanda M. D'Anca, Guy DiBenedetto and John M. Pudelek.

Continuing to serve: Directors Kwame Amoaku, Monica Gonzalez, Tracey Lafferty, John McNaughton, Harlan Shapiro, Marc Shaykin, Cheryl Stutzke and Thomas Wekony, Jr.; and AD/UPMs Valerie Bulinski, Lorin Fulton and Nick Rafferty.

Newly-elected Alternates: Directors Richard Bernal, C. Joseph Hoffman, Jef Kos, Joe Scudiero and Rita Coburn Whack; AD/UPMs Samuel Alvelo, Adam Boor, Gretchen Brown, Anthony Cabral, Mary Ann Dezulskis, Pablo Gambetta, Brett Hays, Brian “Bfair” Fairley, Judith S. Friedman, Elizabeth Goldsmith, Eugene Parker, Vinh Lu, Kevin McGrail, Natasha Parker, Sunni Powell, John Quilico, Mallory Squeo, Robin Woldorf, and John David Wolfe; and AD/SM/PAs Carl Alaimo and William Natale.


CCC CoChairsJohn McNaughton
A member of the Chicago Coordinating Committee since 2007, McNaughton was first elected to the Co-Chair post in 2013. His directing credits include the feature films The Harvest, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Mad Dog & Glory and Wild Things; the documentaries Condo Painting and Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll; the movies for television Lansky, Expert Witness and Girls in Prison; the pilot for the series Push, Nevada; and episodes of the series Without a Trace, Masters of Horror and Homicide: Life on the Streets., McNaughton has been a member of the DGA since 1991.

CCC CoChairsThomas Wekony, Jr.
A member of the Chicago Coordinating Committee since 2013, Wekony’s credits include serving as a Director at WLS-TV in Chicago, IL; and in various roles at additional local stations. He has been a DGA member since 2011.

About the Chicago Coordinating Committee

The CCC was formed in the mid 1960s to coordinate Guild activities in the Midwestern Area, including acting as liaison between members and the Guild, disseminating information, and promoting public awareness of the Guild. The Committee participates in a number of events during the year, in order to fulfill its goals of facilitating the exchange of ideas among members, maintaining contacts with other guilds and unions, and furthering professional opportunities for all Midwestern members.