DGA Launches Orientation Course on Professional Standards for Episodic Directors

Episodic Orientation

July 15, 2017

On July 15, the DGA held its inaugural Orientation Course on Professional Standards for Episodic Television Directors.  

The orientation was codified in the 2017 Basic Agreement to support individuals who seek to develop careers in television directing by providing training for them on the role, responsibilities and obligations of directors.

DGA President Thomas Schlamme welcomed the attendees to the day-long session: “I am unbelievably excited about this new journey we’re all starting together. We wanted to give the people who were taking the challenge of directing as much of a chance to succeed as possible.”

The orientation, which will take place on a regular basis throughout the year, is a requirement for all first-time episodic television directors – individuals who have not previously directed a theatrical motion picture, a television episode or made for new media episode of a dramatic series (including a mini-series), a long form television motion picture, or a made-for-home video project.

DGA Past President Paris Barclay, who led the course together with directors Tom Verica and Michael Spiller, opened the session, stating: “Our intention is to outline a comprehensive set of requirements that you will need to succeed in this endeavor, so we’ve put together a list of the best practices of the best Directors working today. Twenty Directors have participated in the creation of this program, from both the West and the East.”

Throughout the day, participants learned about the standards of the craft, their creative rights as directors, and the Guild’s resources that are available to them.