DGA Membership Meeting in Philadelphia, PA

DGA Meeting in Philly

August 2, 2017

On August 2, more than a dozen DGA members from the surrounding area attended the Guild’s membership meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

The gathering was an opportunity for these members to hear updates about the newly negotiated DGA Basic Agreement that went into effect in July, learn more about what the Guild is doing to protect and extend their creative and economic rights, and hear reports from DGA Assistant Executive Director Michael Berger and Director of Local Stations Vincent Torregiano.

The meeting was part of the Guild’s ongoing efforts to serve members residing outside Los Angeles and New York. Berger and Torregiano discussed the current state of the Guild and its activities, as well as local matters and invited the attendees to contribute during an open forum section where questions were answered and comments welcomed.

photos by Kayla Garretson