Non-Member Directors

The following is a list of all non-DGA member directors to whom at least $25 of foreign levies have been assigned, but not yet paid. Directors who are owed at least $25 and less than $50 are on one list, and directors owed at least $50 are on the second list. To efficiently manage the foreign levies program, the Guild's priority is to find those directors who are owed more than $50 in foreign levies. An active search is conducted once a director's accrued foreign levies reaches that amount.

Because these directors are not DGA members, the Guild has no internal base of information from which to contact them and must start from scratch to find them. The DGA has employees whose work includes locating non-member directors (or their beneficiaries) who are entitled to foreign levies. The DGA has also employed the services of an outside search firm to locate directors (or their beneficiaries) to whom foreign levies are owed. Even with these extensive efforts, many non-member directors (or their beneficiaries) have been very difficult to find and, even when located, many have not responded to our letters. For these reasons, there are examples on this list of prominent individuals and their estates who have been contacted multiple times, but have not responded to our inquiries.

In the case of some of the deceased directors listed, their estates are involved in protracted probate litigation or other legal disputes preventing anyone from claiming the director's entitlement. In other cases, the beneficiaries have been identified, located, and contacted, but have not responded and thus not yet been paid.

This website list has been created as an additional tool the Guild is using to reach the directors (or their beneficiaries) who have not yet been located, so that they, or anyone who has information about them, can contact the DGA. Some of the directors who appear below have been located by the DGA but remain on the list because they have not yet submitted the necessary documentation required to disburse their foreign levies.

If you are a non-member director on this list, or know how one of the directors on this list can be reached, please contact our Foreign Levies Department: 310-289-5328 or

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