Deceased DGA Member Directors

The following is a list of all deceased DGA member directors to whom at least $50 of foreign levies have been assigned, but not yet paid. In some cases, despite efforts to identify and locate them, the DGA does not have the names of or accurate contact information for beneficiaries entitled to receive the director's foreign levies; some estates are involved in protracted probate litigation or other legal disputes preventing anyone from claiming the director's entitlement. In other cases, the beneficiaries have been identified, located, and contacted, but have not responded and thus not yet been paid.

This website list has been created as another tool the Guild is using to reach the directors (or their beneficiaries) who have not yet been located, so that they, or anyone who has information about them, can contact the DGA.

If you are a beneficiary of a deceased DGA member director on this list, or know how the beneficiaries of any of the directors on this list can be reached, please contact Estates and Special Handling Manager Devin Snell at 310-289-2069 or