DGA Holds Student Video Conference with Michigan State University

DGA Holds Student Video Conference with Michigan State University

April 4, 2023 A DGA Special Projects Event

On April 4, the Special Projects Committee hosted a video conference with students from the American Independent Film class at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. Special Projects Academic Outreach Subcommittee Chair Randal Kleiser welcomed the group and introduced Director Maureen Bharoocha – the featured speaker for this session.

During the hour-long event the students were able to view various pieces of Bharoocha’s work and gain valuable insights as she spoke about her experience breaking into the industry. Amongst many valuable pieces of advice, she encouraged students to create work as they are learning and seek out the opportunities that create space for them to be creative and utilize their talents. She reminded them how important pushing forward is in this industry and how long it can take to get your first break. The students asked a variety of great questions focused on the changing dynamics of the entertainment industry and how their unique experiences can be used to create engaging works of art. 

Asked by one of the students about the value of being a member of the Guild, she talked about how engagement in the DGA’s committees has really enriched her experience and created a network of people she can learn from and lean on, on top of the importance of having benefits like health insurance and a pension plan.

About the Program:

The DGA Special Projects Committee's Student Video Conferencing Program is designed to bring students in film and television classes around the country in direct contact with DGA members working in the industry to discuss career issues, the art and craft of directing and other topics related to film and television production. 

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