Meet the Nominees: Commercials

February 16, 2023 75th Annual DGA Awards

On February 16, DGA members heralded the best in commercials during the 2023 Meet the Nominees: Commercials event. Following a screening of the commercials in the DGA’s Los Angeles Theater and an introduction by DGA Director of Commercial Contracts, Michael Floyd, Nominees Juan Cabral (For All Life’s Moments, John Lewis and Share the Joy, Apple AirPods); Kim Gehrig (Accessibility, Apple and Run Baby Run, iPhone); Craig Gillespie (Hard Knocks, Apple Watch Series 7; Problem, Jimmy John’s and Thrill Driver, Nissan); David Shane (Detectives, iPhone 13 Pro and ITVX, Traffic Stop) and spoke about the making of their ads in a conversation moderated by Director/2020 nominee Nisha Ganatra. The event was followed by a reception where the nominees mingled with DGA members and guests. Nominee Ivan Zachariáš (Data Auction, iPhone, This Is How We Work Now, Upwork) was unable to attend.



photos by Elisa Haber

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