Live Long and Prosper: Staying Healthy in a Demanding Industry

January 14, 2023 A Western AD/UPM Council Education Committee Event

On January 14, the Western AD/UPM Council’s Education Committee hosted the virtual panel discussion, Live Long and Prosper: Staying Healthy in a Demanding Industry. In a conversation moderated by Education Committee Co-Chair John Mattingly — who coordinated the event alongside Education Committee Member Joe Moore — Dr. Erin Flynn-Evans (PhD, MPH), Jackie Reese (MA, LPC-S, CTM), and Dr. Zack Papalia (PhD, MPH), spoke about aspects of mental, physical, and sleep health as they pertain to members in all categories in our demanding industry.

During the conversation, each panelist focused on how health is often neglected due to goals and deadlines. They all presented scientifically supported practices that allow us to take preventative care and be proactive in our health to promote longevity.

Dr. Flynn-Evans, the Director of the Fatigue Countermeasures Laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center, spoke about the benefits of sleep habits, rest, and the risks of fatigue in the workplace. She also shared impactful charts and graphics that added clarity to her presentation.

Ms. Reese, the Director of the Health & Human Performance team’s Occupational Medicine & Health Program at NASA, Johnson Space Center, and the Lead for development of critical incident stress management programs for NASA centers, discussed the benefits of managing stress and how stress and fatigue affect mental and physical health.

Dr. Papalia, Senior Population Health Consultant at Brown & Brown Inc., and Former Director of the Center for Fitness and Wellness at Penn State University, covered the topic of wellness on the worksite. He presented preventative care measures that can address many issues of health that are often neglected in the industry.

DGA Members can view the entire video here.
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Following the moderated portion of the conversation, the panelists fielded questions from the online audience and the attending DGA members continued the discussion in an open forum session.

About the Western AD/UPM Council Education Committee

This Western AD/UPM Council Education Committee works to assist and inspire our members in achieving their professional goals through continuing education in a dynamic industry. The Committee Co-Chairs are Cleve Landsberg, Jennie O’Keefe-Armas, John Mattingly and Redelia Shaw. The Committee Members are Lee Blaine, Kelly Cantley-Kashima, Marie Cantin, Kevin Collins, Alan Curtiss, Gerard DiNardi, Peter Dress, Elaine Dysinger, Grant Engle, Brian Frankish, Mark Hansson, Victor Hsu, Janet Knutsen, Kevin Koster, Linda Montanti, Joe Moore, Kim Ogletree, Lucille OuYang, Jaysene Overton, Michele Panelli-Venetis, Shawn Pipkin-West, Richard Prince, Liz Ryan, Traceigh Scottel, Kenneth Silverstein, Tara Nicole Tjahjadi, Carol Vitkay, Dwight Williams, Sally Young and Alicia Zaragoza.

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