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2023 Sundance Filmmakers Receptions

January 10, 2023 Independent Directors Outreach Events

The DGA recently hosted two virtual receptions for filmmakers with projects accepted into the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.

At the reception on January 10, Director Maureen Bharoocha (The Prank) spoke to the online attendees about her experiences with the generous and engaged community of DGA members, the ways to get involved and be active at the Guild, and the supportive staff who provide assistance to Directors throughout their creative process; Sundance Film Festival Director of Programming, Kim Yutani, and other Sundance staffers gave festival survival tips; and DGA Field Representative Jennifer Peat explained how the Guild works with independent filmmakers and highlighted the flexibility of the Guild’s Low Budget Agreements. Also attending the January 10 reception were DGA members with projects at the festival including Thembi Banks (Young.Wild.Free), Oscar Boyson (Power Signal), Laura Gabbert (Food and Country), Davis Guggenheim (STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie), Raven Jackson (All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt), Richie Mehta (POACHER), Randall Park (Shortcomings), Aemilia Scott (Help Me Understand), Tracy Tragos (PLAN C), and Davina Pardo (Judy Blume Forever).

At the second reception on January 11, Director Joshua Marston — whose feature Maria Full of Grace won the Audience Award at the 2004 Festival — discussed the creative protections that DGA membership can provide; Assistant Executive Director Mary Hatch shared some of the benefits of working under the Guild’s contracts; and Sundance staffers delivered more valuable festival information. Also attending the January 11 reception were DGA members Susanna Fogel (Cat Person), Nancy Schwartzman (Victim/Suspect), Lana Wilson (Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields) and Christopher Zalla (Radical).

About the Festival:

The Sundance Film Festival brings original storytellers together for its annual program of dramatic and documentary films, shorts, New Frontier films, installations, performances, panel discussions, and dynamic music events. The 2023 Festival takes place from January 19-29 in person and online.

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