WSC Celebrates Squad Mentorship Program

September 24, 2022 A DGA Women's Steering Committee Event

On September 24, the DGA’s Women’s Steering Committee’s (WSC) celebrated their WSC Squad Mentorship Program with a brunch at the Guild’s Los Angeles Headquarters.

The event began with WSC Co-Chair Shawn Pipkin-West welcoming attendees, thanking the Guild for their support of the program, and introducing the individuals who established the Squad program: Amber Sealey, Amy Aniobi, Lena Khan and Maureen Bharoocha. The team behind establishing the Squad program shared remarks with the group and reflected on the importance of creating space for growth and support. The event brought together the coordinators, mentors and mentees of the Program to recognize their efforts.

The WSC Squad Mentorship Program creates a solid community of working Directors within the WSC and pairs mid-career Directors with well-established mentors who provide frank guidance and discussions around the unique issues that female Directors face, give support and prepare them as they seek to advance their careers. The program debuted in July of 2021 and has since gone through three rotations with the most recent class featuring 11 mentor/mentee pairings.


The Women's Steering Committee (WSC) was created to advance the professional interests of its members, and to heighten their visibility and career opportunities in the entertainment industry. The WSC currently promotes diversity through sponsoring networking events, screenings and seminars, and fosters relationships between the members to provide support, mentoring and networking opportunities. The WSC’s current Co-Chairs are Tara Miele, Shawn Pipkin-West and Liz Ryan.

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