A Conversation with Director Monica Raymund

A Conversation with Director Monica Raymund

March 16, 2022 A DGA Latino Committee Virtual Event

On March 16, the Latino Committee’s meeting featured a conversation with Director Monica Raymund (Blindspotting), moderated by Committee Co-Chair Jay Torres.

During the conversation, Raymund discussed her creative journey from her roots in theatre, to acting in film and television, to taking on the role of Director. She revealed that she became interested in the conversation Directors were having with her as an actor, wondering why some styles worked with her while others did not have the same impact. She said how she sought to implement those styles and practices that worked when she had the opportunity to direct and realized that for the actor the text is key, it’s all about the words and what isn't being said. For the Director, it leans to the visual. Always drawn to the collaboration, she admitted that her goal is to continually try and find her authenticity in both crafts.

Raymund is a Director, Producer and Actress and the series lead on the Starz crime-drama series, Hightown. She was part of the inaugural class of NBC's "Female Forward" initiative aimed at increasing female representation in the director’s chair. Her television directing credits include episodes of The Sinner, Law & Order: Organized Crime, FBI, Law & Order: SVU, Hightown and The Endgame. She is currently directing the upcoming series National Treasure for Disney+. Raymund joined the DGA in 2018. 

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About the Committee:

The Latino Committee was created as a networking group to advance career and job opportunities for Latino DGA members by improving craft skills, networking, and making Latinos better known to the Hollywood creative community.

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