A Conversation with Director Dennis Liu

April 18, 2022 An Eastern Diversity Steering Committee Discussion

On April 18 the Eastern Diversity Steering Committee (EDSC) virtual meeting featured the discussion, A Conversation with Director Dennis Liu: From Comic to Short to Screen.

Liu spoke about his journey from comic book writer to Director and Executive Producer on the series Raising Dion during a conversation moderated Director M. Neema Barnette, who has also worked on the series.

During the conversation, Liu also discussed his involvement in the DGA's Diversity Committees, the role he has played in trying to expand inclusive hiring for Directors in television, the importance of introducing superheroes of different backgrounds to American audiences, and the importance of DGA members taking initiative on changing their corners of the industry to create more inclusivity. Sharing the difficult balance of staying true to his original vision with meeting studio requests and demands he reminded the audience, “film is one of the most political and social art forms there is.” He also acknowledged the shifting of the tides stating, “networks are getting more savvy to listening better.” He emphasized the value in identifying partners who show sensitivity to a diverse set of cultures and experiences and encouraged members to get more involved in the DGA diversity committees and stand together to make change.

In addition to episodes of Raising Dion, Liu’s directorial credits include the short Raising Dion that served as the basis for the series, the shorts Ling and Plurality; as well as commercials and music videos. He has been a DGA member since 2010.

 About the Eastern Diversity Steering Committee

The Eastern Diversity Steering Committee represents the concerns of Guild members of African, Asian, Native American, Arab-Middle Eastern or Latino descent residing in the East. Committed to improving the employment opportunities, working conditions and the skills of ethnically diverse Guild members, the Committee sponsors workshops, seminars, round-table discussions and networking events to showcase the talents of its members, recognize their contributions and increase their visibility in the industry. The Committee’s current Co-Chairs are UPM Canella Williams-Larrabee, Second AD Sussan Cordero and Stage Manager April Smith.

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