ADSMPA Production 101

Production 101 - Did You Know?

December 11, 2021 A Western AD/SM/PA Council Virtual Event

On December 11, DGA members received expert advice on becoming a stronger Associate Director or Stage Manager and advancing their careers during the Western AD/SM/PA Council’s online event, Production 101 - Did You Know?

Following a welcome from Council Chair Jerri Churchill (America’s Funniest Home Videos, Curb Your Enthusiasm), the attendees got valuable information on how to be more prepared for their next job during a conversation with Associate Directors Michelle Robinson (The Voice, Yellowstone Live) and Liz Sobel (Nightline, World News Now) and Stage Manager/DGA Associate Board Member Valdez Flagg (Academy Awards, Grammy Awards) and Stage Manager David Charles (The Masked Singer, MTV Movie Awards), moderated by Associate Director/DGA National Board Member Julie Gelfand (Big Brother, Oscars Red Carpet).

During the conversation, the panelists covered topics including: Understanding your Deal Memo, proper PL etiquette, and shared advanced tips on navigating a schedule, a rundown and a script.

On the subject of PL etiquette, Flagg shared the history of the usage of the PL as well as sage advice from Stage Manager Vince Poxon who said, “It is push to talk to answer a question, not push to talk to think out loud.” On deal memos, Charles recommended sending an email to the person hiring you confirming your deal — include everything that will be on your deal memo so that there is no question once you start work. Regarding scripts and rundowns, Robinson and Sobel explained how they work differently in entertainment programs vs. news. Gelfand revealed how important notes are to an Associate Director and provided several visual examples.

At the end of the event, Churchill fielded questions from the guests and added that the best way to know more is to get involved.

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About the Council:

The Western AD/SM/PA Council is the elected body that represents the Guild members who reside in the Western region and work in television as Associate Directors, Stage Managers or Production Associates.

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