SCOTUS Decision on Reproductive Rights

June 29, 2022 A Special Focus on Women Committee & Women's Steering Committee Joint Virtual Event

On June 29, the Focus on Women Committee (FOWC) & Women’s Steering Committee (WSC) held a special joint virtual meeting that featured a discussion on the recent SCOTUS ruling overturning a woman’s fundamental right to reproductive freedom.

Following a welcome by DGA President Lesli Linka Glatter, who shared the Guild’s official statement condemning the decision, a discussion took place with Directors Rachel Lee Goldenberg (Unpregnant), Tia Lessin and Emma Pildes (The Janes) and Dawn Porter (Trapped), along with community leaders Emma Hernández (We Testify), Rafa Kidvai, J.D. (If/When/How), and Caren Spruch (Planned Parenthood).

The Director panelists shared their experiences working on their respective projects and urged fellow filmmakers to continue telling stories of abortion. They emphasized the importance of responsible research, suggested to talk directly with folks on the ground, and reminded the audience to know the risks.

The community leader panelists urged content creators to expand the type of stories they tell around abortion and reproductive justice, as well as stories from those who are often marginalized such as transgender and non-binary persons; Black, indigenous and other people of color; and those who are poor. They reminded the audience that the issue of abortion does not exist in silo and should be connected to other systemic forms of oppression.

After the panel, attendees shared general reactions, discussed what else is at stake, and brainstormed ideas of how to fight back.

About the Committees:

Focus on Women Committee

Originally a sub-committee of the Eastern Directors Council, in 2020 the Focus on Women Committee (FOWC) was designated an official and permanent committee of the DGA National Board for women members residing in the Eastern Region. The Committee would like to remind members that while their events are designed with a special focus on women directors, all DGA members are welcome to attend. The Committee's current co-chairs are Maggie Greenwald, Annetta Marion and Joyce Thomas.

Women's Steering Committee

The Women's Steering Committee (WSC) was created to advance the professional interests of its members, and to heighten their visibility and career opportunities in the entertainment industry. The WSC currently promotes diversity through sponsoring events, screenings and seminars, and fosters relationships between the members to provide support, mentoring and networking opportunities. The WSC’s current Co-Chairs are Tara Miele, Shawn Pipkin-West and Liz Ryan.

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