Joe Chappelle discusses An Acceptable Loss

Chicago Coordinating Committee hosts screening of Joe Chapelle's An Acceptable Loss

April 13, 2019 A DGA Special Screening in Chicago

A former government insider finds herself in jeopardy for her knowledge of a shocking secret in Director Joe Chappelle’s new thriller, An Acceptable Loss.

Chappelle’s film tells the story of Libby Lamm, a former national security advisor who knows the truth about a controversial military action that was supposed to end the war on terror but instead resulted in the deaths of thousands under false pretenses. Haunted by what she knows, Libby risks treason — and her own life — to expose a cover-up that stretches all the way to the top and could bring down the government.

Following a special DGA screening hosted by the Chicago Coordinating Committee on April 13, Chappelle sat down with Director Nancy Goodman (Surprise Me!) to discuss the making of An Acceptable Loss. The Q&A was followed by a reception also hosted by the Committee.

In addition to An Acceptable Loss, Chappelle’s credits include the feature films The Skulls II, Takedown, Phantoms, Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers and Thieves Quartet;  the movie for television Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula; the mini-series Chicago Fire: I Am a Firefighter; and episodes of the series Wolf Lake, Witchblade, The Twilight Zone, CSI: NY, The Wire, CSI: Miami, Fringe, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire. Chappelle has been a DGA member since 1993.

About the Committee:

The Chicago Coordinating Committee was formed in the mid-1960s to coordinate Guild activities in the Chicago Area, including acting as liaison between members and the Guild, disseminating information, and promoting public awareness of the Guild. The Committee is Co-Chaired by Directors John McNaughton and Thomas Wekony, Jr.


Event photos by Jeffrey Kash - Print courtesy of IFC Films.

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