ADUPE Streets of the City

The Streets of the City: A Best Practices and Safety Seminar for ADs, UPMs and Location Managers

May 18, 2019 An Eastern AD/UPM Council event

With a strong slate of movie and television productions currently taking place in New York, the demand for first-class production values is intense. The streets are lined daily with campers, catering trucks and trailers and Assistant Directors and Production Assistants are tasked with keeping the picture clear while keeping the residents safe from moving equipment and crews. Following this framework, AD/UPM members from the Eastern region gathered in the Guild’s New York offices boardroom on May 18 for The Streets of the City: A Best Practices and Safety Seminar for ADs, UPMs and Location Managers. Presented by the Eastern AD/UPM Council’s 1st AD Committee, 2nd AD Committee, Location Manager Committee, UPM Committee and Member Education Committee, the two-part seminar featured panels of experienced DGA ADs, UPMs and AD/Location Managers leading discussions on how to “get the shot” safely and professionally, while minimizing the impact on local neighborhoods.

The first panel discussion of the day featured UPM Committee Co-Chair Rosemary Lombard (At Home with Amy Sedaris), 1st AD Committee member Jude Gorjanc (The Romanoffs), 2nd AD Jamiyl Campbell (Power) and 2nd AD/Location Manager Committee member Lynn Powers (The Good Fight). In conversation moderated by UPM Committee Co-Chair Tom Whelan (Gotham), the panelists explored best practices in regards to pre-production considerations for various types of location shoots; communication between and among departments, with the Director and with the neighborhood and local law enforcement; respect and consideration for the needs of neighborhood and local businesses in regard to areas like noise, parking, limiting a production's footprint and disposing of production waste and garbage.

After a short break, the seminar continued with the afternoon panel discussion, which used a call sheet to recreate a "Day in the Life" for a typical location shoot. The panelists were UPM Committee Co-Chair Frank Covino (Blue Bloods), 1st AD Committee member Patrick Mangan (The Punisher), 2nd AD Committee member Matt Lake (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and 2nd AD/Location Manager Committee member Ellen Catsikeas (Windows on the World). During the conversation moderated by 1st AD Committee Co-Chair Joseph P. Reidy (Avengers: Endgame), the panelists covered topics including: things to do before Crew Call such as landing trailers and picture cars and the 2nd AD duties in the morning; conducting the safety meeting and rehearsals when necessary; making sure the next location is ready for the production move; maintaining crowd control in high tourist areas; and understanding your surroundings and spreading information as necessary.

At the end of the day the information disseminated in both panel discussions was given a quick recap and the floor was opened to final questions from the attendees.


The Eastern AD/UPM Council is the elected body that represents the nearly 1,700 Assistant Director and Unit Production Manager members of the Guild who reside and/or work in film, television, commercials and new media the East and Midwest regions. The Council’s First Assistant Director Committee is co-chaired by Karen Kane, Shelly Keiser and Joseph Reidy. The Second Assistant Director Committee is co-chaired by Arianne Apicelli, John Silvestri and Dana Zolli; the Location Manager Committee is co-chaired by Joe Guest and Michael Kriaris; the UPM Committee is co-chaired by Frank Covino, Rosemary Lombard and Rosemary Lombard; and the Member Education Committee is chaired by Michael Reichman.

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