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Know Your Contract - A Seminar Covering the DGA Basic Agreement

June 29, 2019 An Eastern AD/UPM Council Event in Atlanta, GA

On June 29, DGA members in the Atlanta area were invited to a two-part seminar that covered key sections of the Guild’s Basic Agreement, followed by member-led group discussions. Presented by the Eastern AD/UPM Council, Know Your Contract was designed for these members to brush up on the essential contract information that is required to ensure Guild standards are upheld when working as Assistant Directors or Unit Production Managers.

The day kicked off with a welcome from UPM Lyn Pinezich, who chairs the Eastern AD/UPM Council. Then DGA Senior Field Rep Bart Daudelin and Field Rep Tara Borth led the participants in a “Know Your Contract” review and presentation that covered key sections of the Basic Agreement. Article 13, which covers work rules and conditions for ADs and UPMs, was given a thorough breakdown, and the topics of discussion included: 6th and 7th days, rest periods, local and distant employment terms and conditions, working in a higher category, Completion of Assignment, and defined workdays.

Following the presentation, the seminar’s attendees participated in group discussions led by Pinezich, 1AD Jason Inman, and 2AD Yor-el Francis where members of each category could share their experiences and strategies for the practical application of these rules.


The Eastern AD/UPM Council is the elected body that represents the nearly 1,700 Assistant Director and Unit Production Manager members of the Guild who reside and/or work in film, television, commercials and new media the East and Midwest regions.


photos by Andrew Alonso

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