2018 Building a Bridge for the Future mixer

Building a Bridge for the Future: A 2018 Mixer for the Director's Team

May 8, 2018 A DGA Inter-Committee Diversity Event:

On May 8, nearly 120 DGA members participated in an evening of networking and conversation at Guild Headquarters in Los Angeles during the annual Building a Bridge for the Future mixer designed for director’s team members. The event provided an opportunity to make connections and establish relationships for the future.

The evening was hosted by the DGA Inter-Committee, which brings together elements of the Guild’s Diversity Committees to explore avenues for leveling the playing field for DGA members.

A week prior to the event, a preparatory workshop was held in the DGA Boardroom. Event coordinators Alicia Zaragoza and Stephenie Galvan moderated a panel with Directors Maria Burton and A. Laura James, Stage Manager Valdez Flagg and UPM Liz Ryan. The panel covered tools and tips to interviewing and how best to prepare for the event and mixer the following week. Breakout groups were held after the panel for members to workshop their resumes.

The mixer itself kicked off with an informal reception, after which Zaragoza and Galvan welcomed the attendees and explained the logistics of the evening. Then DGA National Board and Diversity Task Force member Liz Ryan spoke about the importance of the event and how it offers a chance to build relationships that members can carry through their careers. Following through on that idea, DGA directing team members met with the participating VIPs during the one-on-one sessions.

The invited VIPs included:
  • UPM/Producer Franny Baldwin - Abominable Pictures
  • UPM Philipp A. Barnett (LOVE)
  • Executive Vice-President/Co-Executive Producer Bill Bracken - Brad Lachman Productions
  • UPM Debbie Cass (Claws)
  • Director/Producer Rob Corn (Grey’s Anatomy)
  • Founder/President Tara L. Craig - The Squid Farm
  • UPM/Producer Elaine Dysinger (Ray Meets Helen)
  • UPM/Line Producer Melanie Elin (Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Reboot)
  • Head of Production Sara Fischer - Shondaland
  • Stage Manager Valdez Flagg (The Voice)
  • UPM/Line Producer Nicci Freeman (The Message)
  • UPM/Producer Cathy Gesualdo (Deported)
  • UPM/Producer Phillip Goldfarb (The Librarians)
  • UPM Franklyn Gottbetter (The Kominsky Method)
  • UPM/Producer Michele Greco (SMILF)
  • UPM/Line Producer Victor Ho (Wish Upon)
  • UPM/Co-Executive Producer Merri Howard (For the People)
  • Director of Production Adrienne Jones - Skydance Television
  • UPM/Producer Shea Kammer (The Yellow Birds)
  • UPM/Producer Todd King (Better Things)
  • UPM/Producer Stewart A. Lyons (Roswell)
  • UPM/Producer Carrie Lynn Morrow (The Romanoffs)
  • UPM Robert D. Nellans (Genius)
  • UPM/Producer Richard H. Prince (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
  • UPM Kimberly A. Ray (Eyewitness)
  • UPM/Producer Jeanine Rohn (Sacrifice)
  • UPM Robert Rothbard (Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.)
  • UPM Liz Ryan (Station 19)
  • UPM/Producer Valerie Bleth Sharp (The OA)
  • UPM/Line Producer Deb Spidell (Alone Together)
  • UPM/Producer Jimmy Sprague (All Saints)
  • UPM/Producer Clayton Townsend (Bird Box)
  • Executive Vice President Television, Physical Production Carol Turner - Skydance Television
  • UPM/Producer Jeanne Van Cott (I’m Dying Up Here)
  • UPM/Producer Melanie Wagor (My Dead Ex)
  • Producer/Production Manager Sally Young (Modern Family)

After getting acquainted with our members during the one-on-one sessions, each of the participating VIP guests also received a resume booklet of all the attendees and were able to continue to socialize with them in the informal reception that continued after the event.

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